Pillar of Valley View: Dr. Mike Moro—Romeoville High School

Five years ago, Romeoville High School was lucky enough to acquire an extremely talented, creative, and passionate educator. The service he provides to the Students and Staff at Romeoville High School are multi-faceted. He is a Social Studies Teacher, Building Technology Coordinator, Scholastic Bowl Coach, Model UN Sponsor, IDM Team Member, and Teacher Mentor.

This educator does whatever it takes to ensure his student success.

• Whether it means kicking off his Spring Break by hosting an all night academic lock in; A lock in that had over 60 HS students involved in a 12 hour over night AP study session.
• Or taking a group of students to Chicago over Spring Break to visit local museums and historical sites,
• This summer, he plans to take group of RHS graduates on a service trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota
• He also hosts Saturday morning review sessions via the internet (live web streaming) to meet the needs of his students that were unable be in class the week prior.
• This does not even mention the commitment to the countless hours of planning and preparation that has to take place in order to provide this type of dynamic instruction which has produced amazing results.

• Through his tireless efforts over the past five years, he has been an instrumental factor in doubling and tripling the enrolment in our United States and European History Advanced Placement courses at RHS.

• Not only has he been instrumental in significantly increasing the enrolment in these challenging courses, he has motivated his students to reach new academic heights.

• This past year, the national average of meeting or exceeding the standard on the AP U.S. History exam is barely over 50%. (Meaning only a little more than half of the students (nationally) taking the exam earn a passing score.) He has worked with our students to exceed the national average by more than 25%. (Meaning that over 75% of our students that took the AP US History exam met or exceeded the expected benchmark)

• He has done this by consistently holding high expectations of his students, no matter what concerns they bring to the classroom.

• The one thing that he is willing to negotiate is the path in which students navigate that brings them to meet their academic success.

• He will be the first one to tell you that he has to be extremely creative and flexible in creating multiple opportunities for his students to learn and demonstrate proficiency, but ultimately you have to believe they all have the ability to get there.

His ability to effectively guide, both students and adults towards exceeding expectations and his ability to promote and execute best practices are just some of the reasons why he is being recognized here this evening. Romeoville High School on behalf of the Valley View School Board would like to recognize Dr. Mike Moro as a “Pillar of Valley View”.