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Jernee Hollins
Bernard J. Ward Elementary School

“I learned about Ruby Bridges, I want to be brave like Ruby."

(In November 1960, Ruby was the first Black student to integrate an elementary school in the South. Ruby was the same age then, as Jernee is now.)

I am Jernee.

I am Every Learner.
Joel Phillips

Jeremiah Gant
Oak View Elementary School

If I don’t understand something, I know I can go to my teacher and ask. Sometimes other kids come to ask me for help and it feels good to be able to help them.”

I am Jeremiah.

I am Every Learner.
Ruby Williams

Jacaiyah Pitts
R.C. Hill Elementary School


"You have to be kind. To be a friend, you have to be willing to try things other people like to do. You don’t always get to do what you want."

I am Jacaiyah.

I am Every Learner.
Joey Plecki

Samuel Daniel
Dr. James Mitchem Early Childhood Center


"We’re learning to share. Sharing is nice. It makes me happy when people share with me. I share Legos with my friends."

I am Samuel.

I am Every Learner.

Learning & Growth

Every Learner will receive equitable access to high-quality instruction so that students succeed with the skills and knowledge to persevere through, advocate for, and take ownership of their own learning.


Equitable Systems

We will remove barriers to success for Every Learner by ensuring equitable practices, access to resources, and inclusive opportunities.


Responsive & Caring Culture

We will create a responsive and caring culture to ensure every stakeholder is cared for, respected, and valued, and our community will feel a sense of belonging and significance.


Resources & Empowerment

We will invest in resources that provide equitable and impactful opportunities and support. We will empower others to engage in our school community to maximize the positive impact for Every Learner.


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Valley View School District 365U is a diverse school community serving approximately 16,000 students in Bolingbrook, Romeoville and surrounding areas. As the fifth-largest employer in Will County, VVSD employs over 2,550 qualified staff members committed to supporting

Every Learner. Every Day.

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