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    Spanish 2 Topics/Themes:

    Semester 1:

    • Unit 1:  Heroism - Why do we need heroes? Describe what makes a hero/villain and how they are portrayed. Discuss my personal heroes and what their actions/accomplishments do for our communities.
    • Unit 2:  Consumerism - Why is it important to be a responsible consumer? Describe how and what I consume and why. Discuss the differences in consumerism in different cultures and the inequities that go with that.

    Semester 2:

    • Unit 3:  Healthy Lifestyles - What is a healthy lifestyle? Discuss how to lead a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Define why health is important.
    • Unit 4:  Vacations - Why travel? What’s an ideal vacation? Describe different travel destinations in Spanish-speaking countries. Discuss why it is important to travel and what is needed in order to travel.

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