Procedures for Medical/Personal Leave Requests for VVSD Staff:



    Please submit all leave paperwork to vvsdleavepaperwork@vvsd.org or fax to (815) 886-2270

    • The Leave Request Application must be completed 30 days prior to the first day off. If 30 days notice is not practicable, the notice must be given within 2 business days of when the need becomes known to the employee. Failure to complete the form within 15 calendar days of receipt could result in denial of leave and absences will be unexcused. 
    • If you qualify for FMLA, you are eligible to take up to 12 weeks (60 working days) of leave. 
    • At the completion of your leave, you will need to provide a fitness-for-duty report completed by your health care provider stating you may return without restrictions PRIOR to your actual return to work.
    • You will be notified via email as to whether you are eligible under FMLA-protection. 
    • During your leave you will be paid for any sick, personal or vacation days that you have accumulated.  Any additional days would be unpaid. 
    • Questions about Insurance? Contact Mary Kelner at (815) 886-2700, ext. 6015 in Administrative Services.
    • Contact TRS/IMRF to see if you qualify for short-term disability insurance.
    • District guidelines will not allow you to attend meetings/workshops, coach, sponsor clubs, and receive stipends for co-curricular activities or tuition reimbursement while on leave.  If you are owed a stipend, it will be pro-rated based on the number of days you were off on leave.  Also, you will not move up on the pay scale if your absence exceeds 90 days.
    • If you have a laptop assigned to your position, you will be required to leave the laptop for your substitute’s use.  Please make sure you give your laptop to your building Secretary or Department Chair prior to the start of your leave.  Your laptop will then be returned to you upon the expiration of your leave.
    • Provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Respose Act May Apply See flier above for provisions.


    Contact Lisa Jackson in Human Resources with any questions: jacksonll@vvsd.org or call (815) 886-2700, Ext. #6053.



    Please forward all leave paperwork and correspondence to
    vvsdleavepaperwork@vvsd.org or fax to (815) 886-2270.
    For Additional Information for Leave Requests
    Lisa Jackson 
    Executive Secretary for Human Resources
    (815) 886-2700, Ext. 6053