• Course Description: Level I focuses on topics relating to the self. Important themes and tasks in each unit are:

    Semester 1:

    Unit 1:  Global Citizenship - Who am I? Introduce myself, and provide information about my hobbies, and 

    preferences.   Ask questions to elicit this information from others.  


    Unit 2:  Community, Friends, and Family - Who is important to me and why?  Define what friends, family and community mean.  Discuss people, families, roles, customs, cultural traditions and celebrations.  


    Semester 2:

    Unit 3:  A Day at School - Who are you at school? Discuss my school day and school routines and compare

    my school to schools we study in class.  

    Unit 4:  City Life - What makes a city special? Describe my city and cities I learn about in terms of location, activities, attractions, foods, and transportation.  Describe what people do in my city and cities I learn about.