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  • Framed!

    by by JAMES PONTI Year Published: 2017

    "Twelve-year-old Florian Bates has recently moved to Washington, D.C., where both his parents work in art museums. His new school is Alice Deal Middle School, where he is in seventh grade along with his new best friend, a dynamic black soccer player named Margaret. He’s learning a new language (Romanian), of which he has mastered just one phrase, which translates to “My hovercraft is full of monkeys.” 

    Oh, and one more thing: Florian has a new job. He’s a covert asset for the FBI. Florian was recruited into the agency thanks to his remarkable observational abilities, which rival the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Florian’s skills are all based on the fundamental philosophy he developed called T.O.A.S.T, which stands for the “Theory of All Small Things.” He tells Margaret, “That’s how I read people and places. The idea is that if you add up a bunch of little details, it reveals the larger truth.” 

    Of course, what use is a detective without a mystery? And luckily for Florian, there is no shortage of cases to solve. It helps to have a father in museum security and a mother who specializes in art history and forgery. And when several valuable impressionist paintings disappear from the National Gallery of Art, Florian and Margaret put their observational skills to work to help find the thief and Margaret’s real parents." -- Publisher's description.


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  • Maybe He Likes You

    by by BARBARA DEE Year Published: 2019

    "For seventh grader Mila, it starts with an unwanted hug on the school blacktop. 

    The next day, it’s another hug. A smirk. Comments. It all feels...weird. According to her friend Zara, Mila is being immature, overreacting. Doesn’t she know what flirting looks like? 

    But it keeps happening, despite Mila’s protests. On the bus, in the halls. Even during band practice-the one time Mila could always escape to her “blue-sky” feeling. It seems like the boys are EVERYWHERE. And it doesn’t feel like flirting–so what is it? 

    Mila starts to gain confidence when she enrolls in karate class. But her friends still don’t understand why Mila is making such a big deal about the boys’ attention. When Mila is finally pushed too far, she realizes she can’t battle this on her own–and finds help in some unexpected places." -- Publisher's Description.


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  • Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish

    by by PABLO CARTAYA Year Published: 2018

    Marcus Vega is six feet tall, 180 pounds, and the owner of a premature mustache. When you look like this and you're only in the eighth grade, you're both a threat and a target. Marcus knows what classmates and teachers see when they look at him: a monster. 

    But appearances are deceiving. At home, Marcus is a devoted brother. And he finds ways to earn cash to contribute to his family’s rainy day fund. His mom works long hours and his dad walked out ten years ago—someone has to pick up the slack. 

    After a fight at school leaves him facing suspension, Marcus and his family decide to hit the reset button and regroup for a week in Puerto Rico. Marcus is more interested in finding his father, though, who is somewhere on the island. Through a series of misadventures that take Marcus all over Puerto Rico in search of the elusive Mr. Vega, Marcus meets a colorful cast of characters who show him the many faces of fatherhood. And he even learns a bit of Spanish along the way. 

    Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish is a novel about discovering home and identity in uncharted landscapes.

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