Frequently Asked Questions
    Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not addressed here, please submit it using the form below.
    1.) What do I do if I have a 6th Grade student who takes 7th Grade classes? Do they get there own 1 to 1 Chromebook this year?
    Tech Department’s recommendations are:
    • If the student takes only a few 7th Grade classes, we would suggest:
      -  The school provide a temporary Chromebook from a 6th grade cart.
      -  The Educator could have the Chromebook(s) in their classroom or
      -  The student could go to a central location to pick up the Chromebook each day and return it after the lesson(s)

    • If the student takes all 7th Grade classes:
      -  The Tech Dept. will provide a 1 to 1 device that will be checked out to the 6th grader as we would for any 7th or 8th grade students - please put in a work order for this resource
    Next year the plan is for all 6th grade students to receive a 1 to 1 Chromebook. 

    2.) What do we do with the Chromebook of a student who leaves early? 
    The Tech Department will provide a 10 bay “early release charging station” for the front office where students leaving school early for the day can leave their Chromebook:

    Tech Department’s recommends tracking this by:
    • Providing the student with a “claim ticket” for their Chromebook as a reminder that their device is in the front office charging station rather than the usual location when they return to school
    • Create and maintain a Google sheet to track the devices in this charging station. If the student forgets where their Chromebook is the the next day or the staff member notices an empty slot in their classroom charging station, the staff member can reference the Google sheet and know that it is located in the “early release charging station”.

    3.) I have more questions and/or comments regarding the 1:1 initiative. Who do I contact?
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