• Add a Printer to Your Computer

    The following instructions are going to show you how to add a printer in your building to your computer.


    Windows 7

    1. Click on the windows icon in the bottom left corner of your desktop 
    2. Type run > Select "Run" > enter in "..." (three dots without the quotes) > Click "OK"

    My Computer

    1. In the address bar, type in the name of the print server \\gru 
    School School Designation
    AC AC
    AVM AM
    BHS BH
    BJW BW
    BMS BM
    BSE BS
    BUS/Transportation TR
    EC EC
    HHH HH
    IHK IK
    IND IN
    JA JA
    JES JS
    JJL JL
    JLM JM
    JRT JT
    KLH KH
    OV OV
    PNR PN
    RCH RC
    RHS RH
    WV WV
    1. Printer names are designated by school code (listed below), then school room number, then by printer make and model. Once you find your printer, proceed to the next step.

    1. Right click on the printer that you would like to use and click "Connect".
    If you don't find your printer, please call the help desk at 815-886-7246 ext. 6222 or 815-372-6222.