• Microsoft Home Use Program

    You are now eligible to participate in Microsoft's Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of most Microsoft® Office applications to install and use on your home computer.

    Under the Home Use Program, you may acquire a licensed copy of the corresponding Home Use Program software (Office Enterprise) to install and use on a home computer. You may continue using HUP software while you are under our employment and as long as the corresponding software you use at work has active Software Assurance coverage. The availability is on a first come first serve basis. There is a limit to the number of Microsoft Home Use Programs available.

    To Access the Microsoft Use Program Website

    1. Use your home computer where you intend to install the Office Suite to complete the following procedure. ***DO NOT INSTALL ON A DISTRICT COMPUTER***
    1. Using Internet Explorer go to http://www.microsofthup.com/
    1. Select the country to which you want your order to be shipped to and choose the language for viewing the order Web site.
    1. Enter your Valley View School District e-mail address and insert the code sent to you by the school district.
    Note: This program code is assigned to our organization for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside our organization.
    1. Place your order online, and it will be shipped to the location you have chosen. Please note that a fulfillment fee will be charged to cover packaging, shipping, and handling costs.

    Install Instructions

    Please use the following PDF to assist in installing your Microsoft product.

    Download Instructions



    For support please contact Microsoft by visiting the following URL:

    Microsoft Support


    Call Microsoft with the following information:


    Microsoft will send you a file to install on your computer for 9.95+tax. You can purchase a backup CD for an additional cost of 13.99+tax.


    What email should I use?

    You will need to use your valley view school district email.

    What browser should I use to download Microsoft office?

    For best results you will need to use Internet Explorer.

    If I don't order the DVD which computer should I user to purchase the software with?

    If you are only using the download file you will need to purchase the software on the computer it will be downloaded on.

    How many times can Microsoft office be activated?

    This version of Microsoft office can only be activated on up to two computers.


    Products and System Requirements

    You can purchase either of the two products below but you cannot purchase both.

    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

    The system requirements for Windows computers are:

    • Computer and Processor: 1 Ghz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 instruction set

    • Memory: 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) /2 GB RAM (64 Bit)

    • Hard Disk: 3.0 GB available

    • Operating System: Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 2008R2 with .Net 3.5 or greater

    • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card 1024x576 resolution

    Additional requirements:

    • Compatible Browsers: IE 8,9,10 ,Firefox 10.x+,Safari 5 (Mac), Chrome 17.x


    • Internet functionality requires an Internet connection.

    • Product functionality and graphics may vary based on your system configuration. Some features may require additional or advanced hardware or server connectivity; www.office.com/products.

    • Touch features require Windows 7 and a touch enabled device. New touch features are optimized for Windows 8 touch.

    • Some features require Exchange 2013 or Lync 2013.

    • Certain inking features require Windows 7 or later.

    • Speech recognition functionality requires a close-talk microphone and audio output device.

    • Information Rights Management features require access to a Windows 2003 Server with SP1 or later running Windows Rights Management Services.

    • Dynamic Calendars require server connectivity.

    • Certain advanced functionality requires connectivity to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (or higher), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (or higher), and/or Windows Server 2003 with SP1 running Windows SharePoint Services.

    • Instant Search requires Windows Search 4.0.

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later.

    • Certain online functionality requires a Windows LiveTM ID.


    The Home & Business 2011 for Mac 

    The system requirements for Mac computers are:

    • A Mac computer with an Intel processor.

    • Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later.

    • 1 GB of RAM recommended.

    • 2.5 GB of available hard disk space.

    • HFS+ hard disk format (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus).

    • DVD drive or connection to a local area network (if installing over a network).

    • 1280 x 768 or higher resolution monitor.

    • Additional items or services are required to use some features:

    • Certain online functionality requires a Microsoft Account.

    • Outlook® and certain features require Internet access (fees may apply).

    • Exchange support in Outlook 2011 requires connectivity to Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 RU4 or later.

    • Access to files stored on a SharePoint server requires connectivity to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or later.

    • Co-authoring requires SharePoint 2010 or a Microsoft Account.