• Truancy Tracker Website


    What is it?

    The Truancy Tracker website was created at the request of the District Truancy Officer. The purpose is to provide a running list of students who are in need of attendance supports which can be reviewed at a school-by-school or district level. Data entry fields are provided to record the dates various supports and/or interventions were implemented. In addition there are areas to record comments or additional notes.


    Logging In

    You need a truancy tracker account to log in to the website. If you are an authorized user (you are a principal, or your principal has assigned you data entry tasks) and are experiencing difficulty logging in, please emailhelpdesk@vvsd.org. You account setup and building assignment will be verified and you will be provided additional assistance.

    To access the Truancy Tracker/Attendance Supports website type http://truancy.vvsd.org in the address bar of internet explorer and it should take you to a log in page:
    • Type your VVSD network/email account name in the Account Name box. This is the part left of the @ in your email. (e.g. John M. Smith's account name might be smithjm)

    • Type your VVSD network/email password in the password box.

    Note: The address http://truancy.vvsd.org and shortcuts only work within Valley View's private network. If you are out of district, the site is accessible through VVSD Cloud Access ( http://accesstogo.vvsd.org ) Once logged in to cloud, start up the cloud version of Internet Explorer and type in http://truancy.vvsd.orgin the address bar.


    Main List View Screen

    After logging in you should see the list view of all of the students at your school who have received attendance supports.


    • To add a student to the list, click the Add Student button.

    • The Switch Schools button is used only by administrators who need to access multiple schools.

    • Click the blue underlined student name to begin entering information about the student.

    Editing the Student Record
    After clicking the student name on the main list view screen you should see this screen.
    • Click in a field to activate the data entry form.

    • For fields requiring a date, either type in a date (mm/dd/yyyy) or click the calendar icon on the right side of the field for a pop up calendar. Click a date on the calendar and it puts the date in the field.

    • Click the Save button often to make sure the entries are recorded on the server.

    • Click the Back button to return to the main list view screen.

    Adding a Student

    If there are no students listed or a new student needs to be added to the list, click the Add Student button at the top right of the main screen. 

     You see this screen after clicking the Add Student button on the main list view screen.

    • Filter the list by clicking the beginning letter of the student last name.
    • Add a student to the list by clicking the ID number. (blue highlighted text).


    Deleting a Student

    There is no way to delete a student from the website. If a record is entered in error or as a test submission, then type "Delete this record" in the comments field. The truancy officer will know to disregard that record. Periodically, the commented records will be removed by the system administrator.


    Logging Out


    Click the Log Out button on the main list view screen to end your session. Your session will automatically be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.




    First, try closing the Internet Explorer by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the browser window. If you continue to see an error message please note the keywords and send an email to helpdesk to report the issue.