• Classroom Portal
    VVSD believes that collaboration and two-way communication between home, school, and community improves performance. To support this commitment, we strive to keep our community up to date with relevant, timely and consistent communication through a variety of digital communication methods, including school and classroom websites. An educator's website should be a public portal for families and the community into their classroom.
Classroom Portal
  • Classroom Portal Tutorials

    Get started with your classroom portal using the Web Community Manager (formerly SchoolWires). Create an About Me page, set up a Passkey to access GradeQuick Web, and enhance your web presence! Review examples of successful classroom webpages, and learn how to incorporate social media into your student & parent communication plans.

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  • New Page Editing Experience!

    Effective June 2017, SchoolWires has updated their page editing experience. The new page experience is not only aesthetically pleasing, but provides a more consistent way to add apps and change the layout of a web page. Use the drag-and-drop capabilities to select the apps for the page, and select the Add or Edit icons from the app to update the content – all within your reach.

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    Teacher Accounts & Pages 
    Staff will log into the Web Community Manager (SchoolWires) platform using their VVSD network credentials (without "@vvsd.org"). All certified staff members will automatically receive editing rights to a section of their school website. By default, this section will contain an About Me page where staff can include a short biography, photo and contact information. Staff will also receive an optional calendar page, to display important school and classroom events.
    In addition to these two pages, teachers have the ability to add more pages to completely customize their online classroom presence. Three template pages are available: Blank Page, Class Page and Google Classroom Page. Select any of these templates to get started enhancing your classroom web presence today!
    Suggestions For Teacher Page Content
    -  Make sure your contact information is easy to find, to ensure parent involvement and communication.
    -  Post your syllabus and class rules. This is a great way to communicate expectations to students and parents.
    -  Post assignments to your calendar or sync your Google Classroom calendar to automatically show assignment due dates.
    -  Include links to online articles, blogs or additional resources for students to quickly access when outside of class. 
    -  Use online collaborative tools, like Google Docs, to encourage students to post their work online and receive feedback.
    -  Use your class website as an example of good digital citizenship for your students to follow.