• Software Center Overview


    How to Navigate to Software Center
    (If you'd prefer to watch a video on how to use Software Center, click HERE.)

    1. Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of your screen. Or, press the Windows logo key on your keyboard.
    2. Expand “All Programs”
    3. Expand the “Microsoft System Center 2012 R2“ folder
    4. Expand the “Configuration Manager” folder
    5. Click “Software Center”
      software center start menu

    6. Check what software is available (it may take a few minutes after the computer is turned on to populate this list - this is normal). 
      software center available software

    Install Software

    1. Click the checkbox for the desired application
    2. Then click “Install Selected”
      software center install selected

    3. It will then start downloading the software.
      software center downloading

    4. After the download completes, the status will change to “Installing”.
      software center installing

    5. Once the install is completed the status will change to “Installed”.
      software center installed

    To View Installed Applications

    1. Open “Software Center”
    2. Click the “Installed Software” tab
    3. The software you have installed will be listed here.
      software center installed software