• The Illinois State Board of Education has issued regulations for use of Charter Bus Companies and their drivers. The School District is required to have documentation on file that the driver of any Charter Bus Company used for field trips meets all the requirements necessary to drive students.

    Once the field trip has been approved by administration, you must follow these simple steps:

    1. Check the availability of the Valley View Transportation Department. 
    If the Valley View Transportation Department cannot fulfill your field trip needs:

    1. Review the list of Charter Bus Companies whose insurance is currently held by the District. Using a company from the list will save time and effort for you.

    NOTE: If you choose a company that is not listed, they are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Valley View School District as “Additional Insured” for $1,000,000 general liability. That certificate must be sent to the Insurance Department at the Administration Center at least one week prior to the trip. Also, Charter Company's driver must have a Illinois Charter Bus Endorsement (C) issued by the state. 

    2. Once you have discussed your upcoming trip with the charter company including availability, cost, cancellation policy, etc, you are required to complete the School Section of the Charter Bus Driver Information Form for ALL charter buses.

    3. Fax or email this form to the Charter Bus Company you have selected. They must complete their portion of the form and return to you no later than 5 days prior to the date of field trip along with their contract.

    4. Forward the completed form to Michelle Deal at Valley View Transportation Department for approval. Fax number 815-886-7261. This approval process should be completed within 24 hours of receipt. Bus companies whose drivers are not approved cannot provide

    transportation. Please make sure you leave enough time to get other drivers approved or find another bus company.
    5. Once you have received approval, sign the contract and return their copy to the Charter Bus Company. Each school must keep a record of the approval with the contract for future reference and/or audit.
    6. When the Charter Bus arrives the day of the Field Trip, it is very important to make sure the driver(s) of the bus is the same person that has been approved by Valley View Transportation. Ask for identification to be sure.

    7. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact Shanitra Brooks at the Administration Center, 815-886-2700, ext 6009.