• Policies 
    Loan Lunch: Elementary Schools
    If an elementary student does not have enough money for lunch, he/she will be "loaned" the amount that is short and given a "loan lunch". The amount of money loaned will be charged to the student's SNAP account. The next time a student uses his account the SNAP system will ask for the amount of that day's purchase plus the amount of money loaned on the previous visit to the cafeteria.
    If on a second day the student has no money, and the previous loan(s) has not been repaid, a cheese sandwich a fruit and/or vegetable and a milk will be offered to the student at breakfast and lunch. No charge is made for this food.
    If the loan is not repaid, and the student continues to be sent to the cafeteria with no money, personnel from the kitchen or school office will become involved and will attempt to call home to let parents/guardians know that the student needs to be sent to school with money or a sack lunch.
    The Nutrition Services Department is not required by state or federal law, or by board policy to provide a meal at no charge to students. After two free cheese sandwiches, fruit and/or vegetable and milk are given, the Nutritional Services Department is not obligated to provide additional free food.

    Loan Lunch: Middle and High Schools
    Middle School and High School cashiers are encouraged NOT to loan money to students.
    If a student presents a note from the Principal or Dean of Students requesting a lunch of a cheese sandwich and carton of milk will one be issued to middle and high school students.

    Repayment of Loans
    Every effort will be made to collect debt. Managers will run Negative Balance letters and give them to students reminding them that they owe money. If the loan is not repaid, the debt will follow the student to the next grade level in the following school year.
    The names of students who are graduating from Middle or High School who owe money will be given to the school office. These debts will be treated the same as other school debts with regard to field trips, graduation exercises, etc.
    Use of the Kitchen or Kitchen Equipment
    In order to use the kitchen or kitchen equipment for any purpose other than the service of breakfast or lunch by District Nutrition Services Personnel, the following procedures apply.
    1. Complete an "Application for Use of Facilities" Form. This form is available from all school offices or can be found under Forms on this web site.
    2. Indicate on the form that the kitchen is needed, the date, and the contact person's name and phone number.
    3. Have the form approved by the Building Principal or their designee, and ask that they send copies of the form to the Nutritional Services Office, AND to District Maintenance Office.
    4. If you need lights, air conditioning, additional heat, hot water, etc., a "Utilization of Energy/ Light Management Request Form" will need to be completed also and sent to the District Maintenance Office. This form can also be secured from the school office. (It is suggested that you staple this form to the copy of the Application for Use of Facilities Form and send them in together.)
    5. Once the Nutritional Services Office receives the request for use of the kitchen, they will contact the person in charge of the event to determine the following:
      -  The exact times kitchen personnel are needed
      -  The pieces of equipment that will be needed
      -  What deliveries if any will need to be received on behalf of the organization
      -  Any other assistance that needs to be given to the group
    6. After the event, the organization will be billed for the nutritional services workers' labor. The current FY 13 rate is $30.00 per hour. A minimum charge of 2 hours is required per the Nutritional Services Employees' Agreement.
    7. If an organization has as it's member a nutritional services staff member who is willing to work gratis for the event, this may be done, however the Application for Use of Facilities form still needs to be completed.
    8. If the kitchen is the site for food preparation, including brewing coffee, for example, Will County Health Department regulations mandate that someone with an Illinois Food Handler's Sanitation Certificate be present.
    9. Generally speaking, if the kitchen is to be used for any purpose, it is the responsibility of the organization to pay for a district nutritional services staff member to watch over the kitchen to make sure that the equipment is used properly, and that the facility is left in the same condition (clean) as it was found.
    The staff member will assist with the food for the event, but will not be in charge of the organization of the event, nor will they be responsible for all of the clean up tasks associated with the event. The organization will need to supply their own volunteers to assist with these matters.
    The organization making the request for use of the kitchen may request a particular Nutrition Services staff member to work the event. However, we cannot guarantee that this person will work the event. All staff members are given the opportunity to work community service events.
    If no one in the kitchen chooses to work the event, the Nutrition Services Department will contact other district Nutrition Services personnel to find someone willing to work the event.
    Any questions regarding these procedures should be directed to the District Nutrition Services Office.
    Use of Kitchen Equipment ONLY
    Kitchen equipment may be used if the kitchen is reserved, and a Nutrition Services staff member is working the event. Kitchen equipment may not be "borrowed" and or removed from the school.