Free & Reduced Meals


    Direct Certification for Free Meal Benefits

    If your student is receiving SNAP benefits (Food Stamps) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) he or she most likely will receive a direct certification letter for free meal benefits.

    Application Process

    • Free and reduced-price meals are available to students unable to pay the full price according to criteria based on household size and income. Household is defined as all those persons living under the same roof and functioning as one economic unit.
    • Applications are available in English and Spanish.
    • Completed application should be mailed to the Nutrition Services Office at 365 Raider Way, Bolingbrook for approval. They may also be dropped off at your student's school.
    • Completed applications will be process within 10 days of having been received at the District office. Approval/Denial letters are mailed after application is processed. The letter will include your approval status - Free, Reduced or Denied.
    • Applications are mailed to all households in late July of each year. They are also available at every school office, school kitchen and at registration.
    • An approved application is good only for the school year printed at the top of the application. Families must reapply for benefits each school year.
    • Students approved for free meal benefits will receive the school lunch and/or breakfast at no charge. Posted prices for a la carte items will apply.
    • Students approved for reduced price meal benefits will be charged $.25 for breakfast, and $.40 for lunch. Posted prices for a la carte items will apply.

    Waiver of Fees
    Students approved for FREE meal benefits may be eligible for a partial waiver of their student fees. What is the process?

    • Apply for free/reduced meal benefits.
    • If you are approved for FREE meals, you will receive an approval letter from the Nutrition Services office. This letter is for your information. Please keep in a safe place.
    • Your student's school office personnel will process the waiver of fees based on your FREE status.