Meal Pricing & Payment Information

  • Breakfast
       Paid  Reduced  Free
     Elementary  $1.25  $0.25  *
     Middle School  $1.25  $0.25  *
     High School  $1.25  $0.25  *
       Paid  Reduced  Free
     Elementary  $2.00  $0.40  *
     Middle School  $2.50  $0.40  *
     High School  $2.75  $0.40  *
    *There is no cost for breakfast or lunch for those students who are approved for FREE MEALS.
    The FREE MEAL consists of the combo meal breakfast or lunch, which includes milk.
    Adult meal prices are $1.00 higher than the student paid meal prices.
    A la Carte Prices
    Schools offer a variety of items for a la carte sale. There is a charge for these a la carte items regardless of a student’s free/reduced meal status. All a la carte snacks/beverages meet strict federal guidelines. Click here to view the USDA’s “All Foods Sold in Schools” standards.