Meal Pricing & Payment Information

  • Breakfast Prices
    Elementary, Middle School, & High School
    Paid  $1.25  |  Reduced  $0.25 
    Lunch Prices
    Paid  $2.00  |  Reduced  $0.40
    Middle School
    Paid  $2.50  |  Reduced  $0.40 
    High School
    Paid  $2.75  |  Reduced  $0.40 
    *There is no cost for breakfast or lunch for those students who are approved for FREE MEALS.*
    The FREE MEAL consists of the combo meal breakfast or lunch, which includes milk.  A la carte items are not included


    A la Carte Prices

    Schools offer a variety of items for a la carte sale. There is a charge for these a la carte items regardless of a student’s free/reduced meal status. All a la carte snacks/beverages meet strict federal guidelines. 
    Click Here to View the USDA's  “All Foods Sold in Schools” standards.


    Adult/District Staff Prices

    Breakfast:  $2.25 
    Elementary Lunch:  $3.00 
    Middle School Lunch:  $3.50
    High School Lunch:  $3.75    

    VVSD Staff - sign-up for an online meal account for hassle free checkout!  Contact your Nutrition Services Kitchen Manager to set up an account.