Lunch Account Debit System

  • How is an account established?

    • All students enrolled in the district have a Nutrition Services Debit Account.
    • In order to use the account for the purchase of food, you will need to deposit money in the account. PREPAYMENT FORMS may be printed from this web site. If you desire to send one check for two or more students attending the same school, please designate on the prepayment form the way that you want the money split.
    • Students approved for free or reduced price meals will access that benefit by swiping their bar coded ID just like students access actual money in an account.

    How does the system work?

    • Prepayments are made into a student's individual account.
    • Students access monies in their account by swiping their bar coded ID in the slot reader at the register.
    • Monies in the account can be used to purchase meals and/or a la carte items.

    What are the advantages?

    • The system allows us to process students through the lines faster, allowing them more time to eat.
    • There is no overt identification of students approved for free or reduced price meal benefits. Everyone is processed in the same manner as they pass through the register.
    • The system eliminates the problem of panhandling that we see in the upper grades because cash is not exchanged at the register if the account is used.

    How is money added to the account?

    • You may send cash or check to school with your student. Monies are deposited in your students account by Nutrition Services staff members.
    • If you to send money to school for your student's account, please send it in a check. Your cancelled check will provide you with a receipt for your deposit.
    • If a deposit is made into a student's account prior to lunch, funds can be used the same day.
    • If a deposit is made with a credit card, funds will be available the following day.
    • You may deposit money in your students account using your Visa or Mastercard. Go to
    • If you have any questions about using, please call 1-800-479-3531.

    Can a student use cash to purchase meals?
    Yes, cash may be used, however it slows down the line. We would prefer that you make prepayments into your student's account.

    Can I restrict my student to the purchase of full meals only?

    • Yes. When you make a prepayment please note in the memo portion of the check that the money is to be put into "Meals Only". This will allow your student to purchase one breakfast and one lunch per day. Additional purchases of cookies, milk, or drinks etc. will not be allowed from the account.
    • If you are making a credit card payment into your student's account call the Nutrition Services manager at your students school to request "Meals Only".

    What happens when an account "zeros out"?

    • Prior to the account being totally empty, your student will be reminded to bring additional money for their account. Prepayment slips are given to elementary and middle school students to take home. We ask that they be returned the following day with a prepayment.
    • High school students are also reminded when their accounts are low.
    • If you are making credit care prepayments you can ask to notify you when the account is low, or you can setup the amount for automatic charges to your credit card when the amount becomes low.

    What happens if my student has no money and no cash in their account?

    • The nutrition services cashiers alerts all student when their accounts are low and give them prepayment forms to take home.  
    • Students accounts are marked as negative and alcarte items are not provided until the balance is paid in full.
    • The kitchen manager will contact the home to acquire the balance and clear the student's account.
    • The building administrator and/or case worker is informed if the kitchen manager is not able to reach the family.
    • All contacts are documented and the fees are applied to the student's fee account.

    Refunds from a student's account

    • Refunds of unused money will be made to parents upon written request. Please print the Refund Account Cash form from this web site, and fax or e-mail it to the nutrition services office. Cash refunds will not be made to students.
    • If you desire to transfer funds from a graduating student's account to a younger sibling's account please print the Refund Account Cash form and submit it to the District Nutrition Services Office.
    • If you have made prepayments with a credit card and desire to have money refunded, please contact Nutrition Services.

    What happens to funds left in a student's account at the end of the school year?
    The negative or positive account balance left in the student's account at the end of the school year will be rolled over into a beginning balance in their account for the next school year.

    Are the funds secure?
    Yes the funds are secure as long as your student does not give his Bar Coded ID or his ID number to another student. If you think that perhaps someone else might be using the account, immediately call the Nutrition Services Manager at the school your student attends.