• Frequently Asked Questions
    I forgot my student VVSD Google account password?
    There will be staff designated at each building that will have the ability to reset forgotten student passwords. Please do not contact the VVSD Helpdesk for these requests.
    Am I able to reset my student VVSD Google account password?
    Once you receive the Digital Citizenship lesson on Strong Passwords, you will be able to reset your password at will. For information on how to reset your password, please see the Student Password Reset Procedure.
    Will I be able to send Gmail messages to any email address?
    No. Students will only be able to send messages to and receive messages from VVSD staff and students accounts.
    Do VVSD staff have access to use Gmail?
    No. Staff will not be granted access to Gmail at this time.
    Can I use my student VVSD Gmail account on my personal mobile phone or tablet?
    Yes. The supported method of accessing your student VVSD Gmail inbox is through the Gmail app that is available in the Apple iOS and Google Play stores.
    I have more questions and/or comments regarding Gmail for Students. Who do I contact?
    Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact us!