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    What is Gmail?
    Gmail is a web-based e-mail service that allows users the ability to send and receive e-mail communications. It is one of the core services available with Google Apps for Education product suite. Gmail can be accessed through any web browser or mobile device. Gmail is available for all VVSD students 6th Grade and above.
    Walled Garden
    The students participating in the JJL Gmail for Students Pilot will be using Gmail in a 'Walled Garden' environment. This means that the students will only be allowed to send and receive email communications to and from VVSD staff members and students.
    Objectionable Content and Language
    To ensure the safety of your student, all email communications will be monitored for objectionable content and language.
    VVSD Chromebook Digital Citizenship Curriculum
    Valley View School District uses the Nearpod Common Sense Media platform to deliver lessons on Digital Safety and Digital Citizenship. All students that are participating in the JJL Gmail Pilot will be presented with a lesson specific to creating strong, secure passwords. These students will then be asked to create a new password for their VVSD Google / Network account. This is of vital importance as there is a significant need for VVSD students to use more secure passwords as they continue to grow into strong Digital Citizens. Please click here to access the Strong Password Digital Citizenship lesson.
    Student Password Change
    After the lesson on Strong Passwords, students will be asked to use the skills learned to create a new password for their VVSD Google account. If a student knows their current VVSD Google password, and would like to create a new one, they can follow the Google Password Reset Procedure. If a student does not remember their current VVSD Google password, they will be able to have their password reset by a Student Password Administrator in their building.