• Student Health Information 
    Special Health Plans
    Health Section 504 Plans
    In order to be served under Section 504, the student: 1) must have an impairment; 2) that is physical or mental; 3) which limits a major life activity; 4) which limitation must be substantial; 5) such that services and/or accommodations must be made in the school setting in order for the student to receive an appropriate education.

    This may take the form of needing to provide accommodations in order to allow the student to access programs or services that other students without disabilities have access to. This may also take the form of providing services and/or accommodations for the student in order to meet that student’s individual needs as adequately as the needs of students without disabilities are met.

    For further information, please contact your child’s school Section 504 Coordinator. 
    Home Hospital Information
    The Illinois School Code provides for a continuation of learning when a student has had their classroom activities disrupted by physical/medical problems.  Home/hospital services are provided to a student when a licensed medical physician determines that the student will be, or is anticipated due to a medical condition to be out of school for a minimum of two consecutive weeks of school (10 days) or more or on an ongoing intermittent basis.  Home/Hospital services require full completion of the VVSD Home/Hospital Certification form for consideration.  During student absence from school, a certified teacher will serve as a liaison between the school and home/hospital. The classroom teacher continues to be responsible for class content and will assist in providing needed information/materials.  For more information please contact your child’s school and ask to speak to the nurse or the home/hospital liaison. 

    Summary Of Immunization Data
    In accordance with Public Act 097-0910, Valley View School District has posted a Summary of Immunization Data. For further information or questions on individual school data, please contact Susan Gregory at gregorysr@vvsd.org.

    Immunizations and Physicals
    All students entering Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Sixth, and Ninth grades are required to have a current physical examination completed on the approved Illinois Department of Public Heath Form. A sport physical does not meet the requirement. A current physical is one that was completed within one year of August 2021. The parent portion on the upper back side of the form must be completed and signed. All students must be up-to-date with the State of Illinois immunization requirements including the following:  
    • All students entering sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade must show proof of receiving one dose of Meningococcal vaccine (meningitis).
    • All students entering twelfth grade must show proof of receiving one dose of Meningococcal after the age of 16.
    • All students entering grades six through twelve must show proof of receiving one dose of Tdap. 

    Dental Examinations 

    All students entering kindergarten, second, sixth, and ninth grades are required to have a dental examination. Dental examinations are due by May 15th of the year the student is enrolled in kindergarten, second, sixth, or ninth grade. A current examination is one that was completed within 18 months of May 15th.


    Eye Examinations

    All students enrolling in a kindergarten program or enrolling for the first time in a public school shall submit proof of an eye examination completed within the previous year before 60 days after the first student attendance day in September of the school year.


    Student Illness
    If the student has a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater, has a heavy cough, is vomiting or has diarrhea, the student should not be sent to school. The student may be sent to school after the fever and/or above symptoms have been resolved for 24 hours. Facilities for the care of sick students are limited and must be kept available for emergencies or sudden illness during the school day. Parents may be contacted and requested to pick up their child if a student displays any of the above symptoms or symptoms of a communicable disease. Valley View School District 365U follows the Illinois Department of Public Health Communicable Disease Guide. Click here for more information.
    Click here for information regarding Head Lice:  English  |  Spanish 

    A concussion is a brain injury and all brain injuries are serious. They are caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or by a blow to another part of the body with the force transmitted to the head. They can range from mild to severe and can disrupt the way the brain normally works. Even though most concussions are mild, all concussions are potentially serious and may result in complications including prolonged brain damage and death if not recognized and managed properly.

    COVID-19 Health Information