• JJL Gmail for Students Pilot - Success Criteria

    We are happy to announce that the JJL Gmail Pilot is complete and we were able to meet all of our success criteria. Please see the results of each one in bold below:


    Students / Building Staff

     The Gmail pilot at JJL will be successful when:
    •  8th grade students have followed the Password Reset Process (Digital Citizenship Lesson, Change Password, Create Hint)
      • All JJL 8th grade students were presented a Digital Citizenship Lesson on Strong Passwords and were able to reset their VVSD Google / Network Password.
    • Student use of email for educational purposes has increased both in frequency and in the variety of use in and outside of the classroom.
      • We gathered usage data for the duration of the pilot (2/13/17 - 4/17/17). We found that 57% of the students signed into the Gmail web application (either by visiting www.gmail.com or by selecting Gmail from the application menu). The students received 20,649 email messages and sent 94 messages. We expect the use of Gmail to only increase as we begin to allow more district approved resources to send and receive email to and from student email accounts.
    • Students receive Google Classroom Email Notifications
      • Accommodations were made to allow email notifications from core G Suite apps, such as Google Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. 


     Technology Department / AC Staff

     The Gmail pilot at JJL will be successful when:
    • The Walled Garden is verified to restrict email communications outside our district.
      • The Technology Deparment has verified that internal communications only occurred for the duration of the JJL pilot. Future accommodations will be made to allow District Approved Resources the ability to communicate with VVSD students that are age 13+ and our in 8th grade and higher.
    • Verify the Objectionable Content Filter is working properly
      • We have also verified that the Objectionable Content Filter is working as intended.
    • Password Reset processes are working (ADManage & Self-Reset Process)
      • The Password Reset Process the students participated was successful. The Student Password Administrators at JJL were able to provide support to students who needed help resetting their password.