• Android Web Filter Certificate


    This Wiki will explain how to install the VVSD Web Filter Certificate on Android devices. This certificate is needed to access secure web pages. (For help installing the Web Filter Certificate on an iOS device, click here.)

    Note: These instructions may vary slightly based on the Android device. Also, the certificate will only work if Screen Lock is enabled. This means that a pin, password or pattern must be entered in order to access the phone. If you do not wish to have Screen Lock enabled, the certificate will not install and you will not be able to access secure sites using the district Wireless Network. If Screen Lock is currently not enabled on your phone and you wish to enable it, there will be instructions at the end on how to enable it.


    From an Android device, open a web browser (Chrome works well if it is installed), navigate to this page, and click on the image below.


    1. Open the Android Settings and navigate to Personal and select Security.



    1. Navigate to Credential Storage and select Install from SD card.


    1. If you have multiple certificates downloaded on your device, you will be asked to choose the certificate you wish to install. Select the cacert.cer file.



    1. Leave the name of the Certificate as certnew and select OK.
    If you do not have Screen Lock setup, you will be asked to configure Screen Lock using either a pattern, pin, or password. Select the option of your choice and follow the on screen instructions. Once Screen Lock is successfully configured, the certificate will install.