• How to connect to the VVSD guest wireless network - OpenVVSDWiFi


    IMPORTANT: The following instructions are for personal, non-district owned devices or for district provided smart phones. For help connecting district owned Laptops, iPads or Chromebooks, contact the helpdesk- 815-886-2700 x222.

    If your device is an Apple iPod, iPad or iPhone, download and install the file below to connect to our guest wireless -OpenVVSDWiFi.
  • To manually change the settings or to connect other wireless enabled devices such as Android or Windows tablets use these instructions:

    1. Go to the device WiFi settings

    1. Select OpenVVSDWiFi

    1. When prompted for password, type in openvvsdwifi (all lower case)

    1. Press Join or Connect

    1. You should now be able to connect to OpenVVSDWiFi.

    1. When connected to this guest network, refer to the chart below to see what district resources are available on your device:


    District Printers District Network Share Folders/ Drives, Including H Drive and My Documents Cloud Internet
    No Only via the Cloud Yes Yes


    Additionally, the district websites that can be accessed while on the guest network are the same you can access from outside the district such as subfinder.vvsd.org, www.vvsd.org, destiny.vvsd.org and mail.vvsd.org. However, access to intranet.vvsd.org or attendance websites is only available on district owned devices.