• Athletics

    All Jane Addams Students are invited to try out for athletic teams. Tryouts will be posted on the building calendar online and promoted through Mornings Annoucements.  A current physicalCovid 19 waiver, and a participation permission form must be on file to tryout for each sport.

    Athletic code of conduct and eligibility rules apply.

    Sports' schedules are posted on Google Classroom pages.  For more information, check the Grade Level Google Classrooms.

    Jane Addams Middle School 8to18 Sports Page


    Fall Sports (July- November, depending on sport)


    Varsity Coaches: Mr. Reyes, Mr. Sidenstick

    JV Coaches: Mr. Gage, Mr. Newcomb  Team Webpage

    Soccer (Boys)

    Coaches: Mr. Merritt, Mr. Pavey

    Cross Country

    Coaches: Mr. Thas, Mr. Setchell

    Basketball (Girls)  

    Varsity Coach: Ms. Miller

    JV Coach: Ms Barajas

    Softball (Girls)

    Varsity Coaches: Ms. Dudek, Ms. Olsen 

    JV Coaches: Ms. Tinsley, Mr. Romeo 


    Winter Sports (November to February, depending on sport)
    Basketball (Boys)

    Varsity Coach: Mr. Gage Team Webpage

    JV Coach: Mr. Hollander


    Coaches: Ms Tinsley, Ms. Bruno  Team Webpage

    Volleyball (Girls)

    Varsity Coach: Ms. Barajas

    JV Coach: Ms. Rossi

    Scholastic Bowl



    Coaches: Mr. Tancl, Mr. Pavey, Mr. Hasselberg

    Spring Sports (March- May, depending on sport)

    Soccer (Girls)

    Coaches: Mr. Merritt, Mr. Pavey

    Track and Field

    Coaches: Mr. Thas, Mr. Setchell, Mr. Potete


    Other (largely dependent on weather and gym space)

    Intramural Basketball
    Sponsor Name(s): Mr. Gage

    Intramural Dodgeball
    Sponsor Name(s): Mr.Reyes

    Intramurals: Flag Football
    Sponsor Name(s): Mr. Newcomb

    Intramural Volleyball
    Sponsor Name(s): 

    Winter Running Club
    Sponsor Name(s): Mr. Thas and Mr. Setchell
    Days Club Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays


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