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    What is Restricted Mode? 
    Restricted Mode is a setting within YouTube that filters video content. Here at Valley View School District, we enforce YouTube restricted mode on all devices that are connected to the VVSD network. When Restricted Mode is enabled, the user will only have access to YouTube videos that have been approved by YouTube.
    Approve Videos 
    **NEW UPDATE - Staff members now have the ability to approve YouTube videos in the District, on their VVSD laptop. Please follow the directions below to approve videos. If you are having issues approving videos on your laptop, please use the Chrome browser and follow these instructions to delete your cookies.**
    Staff Members now have the ability to approve YouTube videos for our district. When a YouTube video is approved, it is viewable to any person that is signed into YouTube with a VVSD Google account. Staff are able to approve videos while logged in to their VVSD Google account on any device, in or outside of our district. Please note that if a Staff Member approves a restricted video, it is approved for viewing by all Staff and Students, regardless of age. The Google Admin Console maintains a list of videos by Title and URL with the name of the Staff Member who approved the video.
    How to Approve Videos
    To approve a video for our district, simply click the Approve button that is located in the blue bar underneath the video. This blue bar will only appear if the staff member is signed in to YouTube with his or her VVSD Google account. 
    Here is an example of a YouTube video that YouTube has deemed appropriate for all audiences. Click this link to view. This video should be available to all Staff and Students and they should not need to be signed in to their VVSD Google account.
    Here is an example that has been approved by a VVSD Staff Member. This video is now viewable by Staff and Students that are signed into YouTube, using their VVSD Google Account. Click this link to view.
    How to Approve YouTube Channels

    YouTube has recently added the ability to approve YouTube channels. If a channel is approved by a Staff Member, all current and future YouTube videos from a particular YouTube contributor will be approved. To approve a YouTube channel, simply follow the steps above under "Approve Videos". Instead of approving an individual video, you can navigate to the contributor's channel, and approve the whole channel. At the top of the contributor's page, you should see a blue bar that states "Channel not approved for vvsd.org." To approve the channel, click the Approve button. If a channel is already approved, the blue bar will state "Remove channel approval for vvsd.org".
    YouTube Videos and Google Slides
    If a restricted video is embedded into a Google Slide presentation, the video may not play properly within the presentation. The video may need to be played on the YouTube site. To do this, click on the hyperlink located at the top of the video, or click the watch in YouTube button located near the bottom right corner of the video. The restricted video must also be approved by a VVSD staff member following the steps listed under "Approve Videos".
    YouTube Slides