Note: Everything (bell work, classwork, homework, & study guides) for my class is available via Google Classroom. Your child can only accessible my Google Classroom page if they are enrolled in my class. Please have your child click on the direct links here or navigate to classroom.google.com and log into their Valley View Google accounts to view course specific content. 

    Note: Parents don't have direct access to any teacher's Google Classroom page; however, you can send me an email with your email address & I can invite you to join Classroom. At such time, you will recieving daily emails from your child's teacher regarding what they have done & not done throught that day in the specific classroom in questions at the middle school.


    Note: Communication to parents & students will occur on a daily via Remind. Thus, if you havn't signed up for Remind please do so or send me your email or cell phone so i can add you.