• Valley View Education Enrichment Foundation

    Instructions for Submission of Grant Proposals
    • Grant applications must be submitted typewritten or on computer printout.
      No handwritten applications will be accepted. Application documents are provided to each school via the District 365-U web site, www.vvsd.org, and through the Foundation web site, www.vveef.org.

    • Grant proposal applications must be submitted to the VVEEF on or before February 1st. However, the completed application should be submitted to the building principal on or before January 17th. The principal will then review each grant according to his/her standardized checklist. Any problem areas must be resolved by the principal and the grant writer before the grant is submitted to the Foundation prior to February 1st. The grant application can be submitted online as an attachment with an email addressed to Deborah Sykora, VVEEF Grants Chairperson, at sykoradl@vvsd.org. The Principal’s checklist can be scanned and emailed as well. If submitting a hard copy, the entire package should be mailed to: VVEEF, PO Box 1608, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.

    • If necessary for clarification, up to three additional pages may be attached and submitted with the grant proposal application. However in most cases, the completed grant proposal application should be sufficient to thoroughly explain each proposal.

    • Only the names of the primary grant writers (up to two names) should be used on the grant proposal application. A phrase such as “representing all third grade teachers” may be used.

    • To maintain anonymity, an ID number will be assigned to each grant. In writing the grant, all grant writers should use terms such as “our school, building principal, grant writer, etc.” instead of proper names. The front page with all the identifying information on it will be removed before the application is reviewed.

    • Grant Limits: Due to recent decreases in financial support and funding, the Foundation has had to set a limit to all grant requests. We are hoping this procedure is temporary but please keep this in mind when requesting large grants. As the 2018-2019 grant process begins, we will only consider funding grants up to $2,000. If your project requires more funding, please be prepared to secure partial funding from other sources.

    • All costs must be itemized. If funding is coming from another source, it must be included and explained. (i.e. a PTO or company donation)

    • Evaluations on each prior grant must be submitted to the Foundation by January 31st. First time grant applicants do not need to be concerned with this item. Grant writers who do not submit a 2017-2018 evaluation will not be considered for further funding. If the grant program has not yet taken place or been completed, a status report explaining the facts should be submitted to the Foundation.

    • Changes to the grant proposal must be approved by the Foundation. If it is necessary to make changes after a grant has been submitted and/or approved, the grant writer must submit a letter to the Foundation detailing the changes and the reasons for them. On a case-by-case basis, the Foundation Board will then make a determination on funding.