• Screencasting Options for Educators


    Looking for different ways to digitally document the great things you do in your classroom? Are you looking for other ways to present this evidence outside of a mere PDF file in your STAGES account?

    Don’t forget anything in Google Drive shared as a link is fair game! What does this mean? Well, it means that you can upload everything from Microsoft Word files to multimedia clips such as audio and video. With this, try doing a screencast to create a video of what is on your laptop/desktop computer!

    A screencast will record anything that is displayed on your screen and record it to a video file that you can upload to Google Drive and be ready to add to your STAGES profile as evidence (with some adjustments to sharing permissions). You can record tutorials that you create for your students when running a blended or flipped model of instruction in your classroom or better yet, record student work as they demonstrate their knowledge while presenting with Google Slides or working on your classroom SMARTBoard! There really is no limit to what you can capture!

    So what are your options and which is the best tool? Well, unfortunately, there are so many available tools out there and there really is no single best tool to use.  But it’s only because it depends on a multitude of variables: the type of computer you use (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or mobile OSs), your comfort level with video-editing software, the amount of time you want to dedicate to making your screencasts and how professional/ fancy you want your screencasts to be. Start with what’s free and available and then go from there as you gain more experience!

    Below are great screencasting options that work well on devices we use in the district. However, many options are also Google Chrome Extensions that work on all desktop platforms!


    Screen Capture

    SMART Recorder (link)

    Platform: Windows

    Core Features/Notes:

    Using SMART Recorder, you can record the actions you take on the interactive screen. If you connect a microphone to your computer(desktop), you can record your narration. After you create a recording, you can play the recording on any computer using SMART Video Player or Windows Media Player, or you can share the recording with others.

    If you’re looking for something that ‘Just works,’ SMART Recorder is for you. Access it by clicking on the SMART Board icon in the lower right hand portion of your screen


    Free (Included on district-issued devices for educators)


    Screencast-O-Matic (Link)


    All (Java Application)

    Core Features/Notes:

    Recording of both what’s visible using the webcam and what is on the user's screen. The free version allows for up to 15 minutes of recording and the ability to post your video directly to YouTube or save your file locally to your drive.


    Free ($15 / Year for Pro Features)


    Screencastify (link)


    All (Chrome Extension)

    Core Features/Notes:

    Webcam and screen recording. Screencastify does not depend on any plugins (like Java, Flash or others), therefore it runs on all platforms that run Chrome (Linux, Windows, OS X) or ChromeOS (Chromebooks and Chromeboxes).

    Record up to 10 min videos. Excellent Google Drive integration with direct options to sharing options and export to YouTube included.


    Free (20€ One Time Fee)


    Video Editing


    Windows Movie Maker


    Windows desktops / laptops in our district


    Core Features/Notes:

    Full featured video editing application found on district devices. Import a recorded video file using any of the above tools to trim clips, add text overlays, transitions, and manage audio tracks for a more advanced presentation of your content.
    Note: When exporting video from Windows Movie Maker, be sure to export the full video file as opposed to the project file.


    Free! (Search for it by clicking on the Windows button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen!)


    WeVideo (link)


    All (Chrome Web App)

    Core Features/Notes:

    - Different Editing Modes to suit novices and experts alike: Storyboard and Advanced Timeline

    - Drag & drop media files in any order to assemble your story

    - Easily trim video clips to focus on key moments or set custom durations

    - Add text, effects, music, transitions and more

    - Add animation to videos, photos, text and annotations

    - Record voice-overs and video directly from the app


    Free (Plans starting at $15)


    YouTube Video Editor (link)

    Platform: All

    Core Features/Notes:

    Great for those wanting a basic tool to spruce up their video footage. The YouTube editor lets you cut up and stitch together clips, as well as drop in music, titles, and transitions, and because it runs in your browser you can use it from any computer with no extra software required.

    It's perfect for making simple adjustments to your videos without having to pay for extra software or handle any advanced settings.

    Google info on using YouTube Video Editor

    Guide to using YouTube Video Editor