• Valley View School District 365U Business-Education Partnership Guidelines

    From time to time for‐profit organizations may desire to provide support to the children of the school district through donations of services, gifts or discounts. Acceptance of such offers rests solely in the hands of the Superintendent’s office and the Board of Education and must be based on Valley View School District 365U School Board Policy that states: “No part of the School District, including facilities, the name, the staff, and the students, shall be used for advertising or promoting the interests of any commercial company except as authorized by and consistent with administrative procedures and approved by the Board.”

    It is our goal to assure positive public school‐private sector relationships while guarding against partnerships that require certain conditions for receiving products, materials or discounts. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any gift or donation that would not contribute to the attainment of district goals or that would obligate the district to unacceptable outlays of district resources.

    Acceptance shall be based on the following guidelines:

    1. Because the Board of Education believes in equal opportunity, district‐wide gifts or discount privileges must include all students, or, where applicable, all faculty and staff.
    2. The donor organization cannot require students to fill out surveys or provide personal information, nor will organizations be given access to such information.
    3. Giveaways, coupons, donations and other kinds of promotions that require purchasing a product to take advantage of the offer shall be prohibited unless at least a portion of the funds from such promotion are used to support a specific educational objective.
    4. Mass flyer distribution to students through each school shall not be allowed. Flyers promoting an event or discount will be posted to the District’s Community Bulletin Board and, in some cases as determined solely by the Superintendent’s office, may be e‐mailed to District staff and/or sent to school and other departmental supervisors for verbal distribution and/or for posting as they see fit.
    5. All business‐education partnerships shall be with non‐partisan and non‐controversial organizations that show a desire to promote education and the best interests of the students.
    6. Organizations may donate products or coupons that carry the company name and/or logo provided there is no additional advertising material associated with the donation or distribution. Distribution of company flyers, brochures, or other materials is not allowed.

    Acknowledgement of the donation or discount shall not be obtrusive. Any promotional benefit to the organization must be incidental to the use of the organization’s materials/services.

    All communications regarding business‐education partnerships must be made through the Office of the Director of School and Community Relations.