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    Below are some of our most commonly asked questions:


    Why is Valley View moving to a new student system (SIS)?

    Two driving factors:

    1.) The gradebook utilized by Grade 6 through 12 Educators is being retired by the vendor on 12/31/2018 and therefore a new grade book solution is needed.  Gradebook solutions are embedded in student information systems and therefore selecting a SIS with a robust gradebook solution for Educators is the best practice for seamless integration purposes.

    2.) The current student information system has been in place for 30 years and is highly customized but not web enabled. To meet today’s demands for web access to information; the current SIS is being replaced with on one that meets demands of user’s web access needs.

    What student information system has been selected for Valley View?

     Valley View’s Student Information System selection committee is comprised of 67 members from every aspect of school operations. The team reviewed the top SIS providers who are in use by other large unit school districts in Illinois and selected Infinite Campus Student Information System as the most robust solution for the district.

    When will the new SIS and grade book software be available to users?

    There is a two phase rollout plan spanning two school years for the new SIS.

    To address the immediate need of new grade book software for middle and high school teachers, the Grade 6 through 12 Educators will be provided access to the new SIS at the beginning of SY2018-2019, phase 1 of the rollout. 

    All administrative staff, support staff in school offices, in all Elementary, Middle and High schools as well as grade 6 through 12 students will have access at the start of SY2018-2019, phase 1 of the rollout. 

    Grade K through 5 Educators and students will be provided access in the second wave of rollout out scheduled for the start of SY2019-2020, phase 2 of the rollout.

    Families will be provided access credentials in alignment with this phased rollout plan, Middle and High School families in early SY 2018-2019 and Elementary families at the start of SY2019-2020.

    When will school staff be trained on the new student system?

    There is a very detailed training plan in place for staff on the new system. Please see the calendar found on this web page:

    Training information will also be posted to Wisdomwhere in an on-going basis as it is scheduled. Event entries in Wisdomwhere and will be titled “Infinite Campus”. Please review / access the training opportunities listed there. 

    In short – the order of training planned is: Office Staff for support functions will be trained in early July 2018, Trainers who will work with teachers will be trained in mid-July and Grade 6 -12 teachers will be trained on new gradebooks during August Institute days at the start of SY2018-2019.

    Where can I go to obtain more information?

    As the rollout proceeds, this webpage will be updated with new information. If you have specific questions regarding inforamtion not found on this web site, please submit a question using the link found below under the "Contact" heading.


    If you have questions please email them to Questions about SIS Project