• New Student Enrollment 
    Required Documents for Enrollment

    All students, including students who currently attend a private school or homeschool, need to enroll at the Enrollment Department first.  At that time, you will be given information for the appropriate school.  Please click on "Enrollment Forms" to your left for required forms.  The following items must also be presented in order to enroll a new student:  

    1. Certified Birth Certificate
    Please provide the Official Certified Birth Certificate with raised seal issued by the county/country in which the student was born. We do not accept the decorative footprint hospital certificates or baptismal certificates. If foreign born, a child’s passport is acceptable.

    2. Photo I.D. of Person Enrolling the Student (or Valid Passport) with current address.

    3. Illinois State Transfer Form/Withdrawal Form
    (Not needed if enrolling in Kindergarten for the first time.)
    Public schools in the State of Illinois will provide the Illinois State Transfer Form (ISBE 33-78) to the parent at the time of withdrawal or directly to VVSD (fax 815-886-7820) stating that the student is in good standing at the time of the transfer. If moving from out of state, please provide name and phone number of last school of attendance for the child. Transcripts are required for high school students before they can start school.

    4. Two (2) Proofs of Residency:
    Parent/Guardian name with current address
    Category A: (one item required)

    • Most Current Property Tax Bill
    • Lease (signed by both parties & showing date of occupancy
    • Property Deed
    • Current Assessment Notice
    • Mortgage Statement (less than 30 days old)
    • Military Housing Letter

    Category B: (one item required)

    • Utility Bill (gas, electric or water)
    • Telephone Bill (hard copy received via U.S. Mail)
    • Cable Bill
    • Homeowner/Renter Insurance Statement
    • Photo I.D. with current address updated within last 30 days (Driver's License or Foreign Consulate)
    • Letter or Document from a Federal/State Agency
    • Paycheck Stub
    • Bank Statement
    • Credit Card Statement
    • Receipt for moving van rental

    5. Any Existing Legal Documents if applicable
    Custody Paper, Divorce Decree, Guardianship, Order of Protection, etc. If there are any legal documents pertaining to the custody of the student, you must provide a copy of the documentation. Foster child – birth certificate or medical card plus the DCFS form IL 418-906.

    6. Most Recent IEP, if applicable

    If the student is receiving special education services, you must provide a copy of the most recent IEP in order to set up appropriate placement.
    NOTE: If you live with another family, the Homeowner/ Renter will need to come with you and provide documents listed in step 4. The parent/ guardian must provide one document from Category B and a photo ID. The district residency affidavit must be signed by both parties. If the affidavit is signed outside the district office, it must be notarized. If documents cannot be provided, our Residency Officer will complete a home visit.
     Students Enrolling from a Private School or Homeschool
    BOLINGBROOK HIGH SCHOOL:   Private and Homeschool Students Information
    All items listed above are required except for the Illinois Good Standing Form.
    Please click on Enrollment Forms to the left for information for High Schools.