• Course Description
     Reading 9 is specifically designed to improve students' reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. The course is based on empirical research and proven strategies to improve students' reading abilities. Students will develop and apply a variety of reading comprehension strategies to enhance their understanding of texts across all subject areas in school. The in-depth reading support will prepare students for the rigor of college and/or career. Reading materials will include novels, nonfiction texts, content area textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and electronic media. 
    NOTE - Students in College Prep Reading 9 will also be enrolled in English 9 or English 9 Honors. 

     Units of Study
    Ongoing Units: Vocabulary & Achieve 3000
    Semester One:
    • Nonfiction Unit 
    • A Child Called It 
    • Literature Circles
     Semester Two:
    • Our Town
    • Indepndent Reading Unit
    Essential Questions: 
    How does adversity help us to develop as human beings?
    How do people changed when faced with adversity?

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    Classroom Codes:
    4th Hour = xthm72s
    7th Hour = wqu2yjh