• Classroom climate is key for maximum learning to occur in my classroom.  Creating a warm and caring atmosphere where children are free to take risks is key.  We want children to feel part of a family-like community of learners in our classroom.  Children who are treated with respect learn to respect others.  My students know that we look out for one another, help each other, and honor each other's feelings. Children hear reminders every morning on the announcements as they are asked to "be respectful, responsible, and safe and caring citizens."  A whole school dedication to these ideals goes far in ensuring they are present daily.


    School Expectations:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be a Safe and Caring Citizen





    Raise Your Hand

    Be Helpful

    Put Things Away

    Keep Hands, Feet, Objects, and Unkind Words to yourself.



    We also have a clearly defined behavior plan in my classroom.  The children know my expectations and consequences for making other choices.  Each child has colored cubes and starts the day on READY TO LEARN .  This goal is to stay on green or above daily by following the rules and being kind to each other. 


    Behavior Levels:


    PINK- Child has moved up three levels...ROLE MODEL

    PURPLE-Child has moved up two levels...GREAT EFFORT

    BLUE-Child has moved up one level...GOOD WORK

    GREEN- Child is behaving...no reminders...READY TO LEARN

    YELLOW- Child has one reminder...SLOW DOWN (no consequence since  we all make mistakes and can learn from them.)

    ORANGE- Child has two reminders...THINK ABOUT IT (consequence is a 10 minute time out in "thinking chair".)

    RED- Child has three reminders...OH NO! (another 10 minute time out and a "Think About It" note goes home for a parent signature.  The parents also help their child develop a plan so a red day does not happen again.)  Rarely are students ever on red.


    Children also color a behavior calendar in their "LION" Book so that parents know their color of the day. Parents should initial the calendar date box daily so I know they are aware of their child's behavior.



    A letter will come home to outline these rewards.



    I also distribute tech tickets for turning in homework.  Twenty Tech Tickets enable 15 minutes of computer learning game time.


    Good behavior is an expectation in my classroom.  This system has been very effective in encouraging a classroom that is conducive to learning.  I hope this page helps you understand how important classroom climate is to my teaching! *~* Mrs. Zider