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  • 2021 Season Information

    Academic Standards

    Every Friday the coaches will be informed of the player’s current grades. If a player has any F’s he will not be able to play in games for the following week (Monday through Sunday). When the player’s current grades shows that he does not have any F’s, he will be able to play in the all games that are played the following week beginning on Monday.


    Please refer to the soccer calendar below for the practice and game schedule. There will be a district tournament at the end of the season as well.


    We will have practice daily. The practices will go until 4:00 each day (except for the first couple weeks of the season when we go until 5:00). Players are expected to attend practices. If a player is not able to make it to practice they need to inform one of the coaches.  If a player misses 3 practices without notifying a coach they could be removed from the team. If you are not able to make practice or have any questions about the soccer team please email either coach at merrittrw@vvsd.org or paveydl@vvsd.org.

    Game Days

    On game days players will stay in Mr. Merritt's classroom until we leave for the game. Players are expected to have homework or something to study during this time. They may bring healthy snacks for this time. All players will ride the bus to away games. Players may go home with their parents after away games if the parent signs them out. 


    Each player is a representative of Jane Addams Middle School. They are expected to arrive to their classes on time, respect the school staff, try their best in all classes and try their best on the soccer field. If a player has been given a detention, they need to serve that detention even if it is on a game day. If a player routinely is having behavior issues they will be removed from the team.

    Fees & Equipment

    When the team roster has been set each player will be responsible for bringing their own soccer socks.

    The district has implemented a $70 activity fee for any athletic team a student joins. This must be paid before the first game and you will not be allowed to play in a game until this is paid.

    We also have a party at the end of the season. Each player will need to bring a small amount of money to help purchase the pizza and sodas.

Away Game Directions