• English 10


    We are excited to start the school year with your son or daughter! We are sending this letter to keep you informed about our English class and what you can expect to see your son or daughter doing regarding his/her English 10 work.


    Course Description: English 10 engages and supports students in the development of skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening that are the foundation for any creative and purposeful expression in language. By the end of grade 10, students will be able to read and respond independently and proficiently to a variety of complex texts at the high end of the 9-10 complexity band. This course aligns with the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards and fulfills the writing intensive state requirement.


    Grading: Tests, quizzes, projects and papers make up 90% of your son/daughter’s cumulative grade and classwork/homework makes up 10%--all of this will make up 75% of the overall grade. The final exam at the end of the semester will make up 25% of the entire grade. Grades are updated every Thursday, and you can check them on Edline.


    Materials: In addition to a variety of ancillary texts such as electronic media, articles, short stories, poems, we will read Fahrenheit 451, a novel by Ray Bradbury. Other materials required for class include: writing utensils, 3-ring binder with 5 tabs, highlighters, and notecards. Dry erase markers are recommended, but not required.