• Introduction to Web Design

    Ms. Eimer - Email Teacher

    Introduction to Web Design is a comprehensive introduction to building websites. Topics include logical design principles, visual design principles, usability, accessibility, web file management, FTP, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, front-end frameworks, WordPress, and commercial web hosts and services. Weekly assignments keep you on track; 24/7 access gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace between deadlines. The course fee includes course access for the duration of the session.


    Lessons include:

    • a primary lesson topic which is skills-based and taught over several short (4-8 minute) video tutorials
    • an assignment which is a web page or web site published on the web for grading
    • a “Designer’s Lounge” exercise that teaches web design principles
    • a “tidbit” or mini lesson that shows a quick and easy skill or resource
    • a quiz which covers the main topics in the lesson

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