• Welcome to First Grade!

    Mrs. Veich & Ms. Henshaw

    Room #503


    Snack & Food Policy

    Our class will have snack time in the afternoon. Students are encouraged to bring a waterbottle and an individual, healthy snack each day. Due to food allergies, NO NUT/PEANUT foods are allowed in the classroom. Also, you may send your child an individual treat on holidays or birthdays, but VVSD policy does not allow snacks or candy to pass out to classmates. However, you may send non-edible treat bags or prizes such as pencils, stickers, erasers, or small toys to pass out to classmates.


    Positive School Behavior

    Our class discusses and practices the "3 B's" on a daily basis; be respectful, be responsible and be safe. Although I use positive reinforcement and redirection, we do have a clip chart in case students need repeated reminders. Most behavior incidents are worked on in the classroom by problem solving with teachers and peers. However, parents will be notified about frequent and/or serious behaviors (hitting, bullying, etc.). Please encourage your child to follow the class rules.


    The most important homework in first grade is to read each night at home for 15-20 minutes. This can include reading books, children's magazines or online books. Students will bring a new leveled book home each day in a red zipper bag for homework. Please read the book with your child and discuss the story. Your child should write the title of the book on the monthly reading log, which is due at the end of each month. Our class goal is to read 20 or more books each month!

    Your child will also bring a sight word packet home each week for homework. Please have your child complete the work and cut out the sight word flashcards for daily practice. If your child is already able to fluently read the words (quickly, without sounding the words out), he or she should practice spelling the words.


    Thank you in advance for your support at home!

    Together we can help your child have a memorable year in first grade!