• Makerspaces 

    Makerspaces inspire students to become participatory learners to uncover their talents and interests by making, producing, solving, creating, collaborating and thinking. A Makerspace can take many forms, from an entire library with stations for learning; or carts and kits used in a mobile Makerspace. It’s a place where imaginations run wild, problems are solved, and ideas are born.

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  • Google Expeditions (currently unavailable)

    Google Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool that lets you lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world — get up close with historical landmarks, dive underwater with sharks, even visit outer space! Google Expeditions allows a teacher acting as a “guide” to lead classroom-sized groups of “explorers” through collections of 360° and 3D images while pointing out interesting sights along the way.

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  • Makey Makey: Circuits & Programming

    Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a simple invention kit for beginners and experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. Students can make any conductive material act as the input device for a computer. Makey Makey allows students to become hardware engineers and solve real-world design challenges by providing a landscape that fosters curiosity and creates vibrant learners.

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  • Sphero SPRK: Coding & Programming

    Sphero Edu and SPRK+ allow you to collaborate with other users around the globe to innovate the world of education and empower anyone to program. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant UV coating, SPRK+ takes hands-on learning up a notch. Join the growing community of makers, students, instructors, and parents – all learning on the same social platform. SPRK+ will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM.

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  • Bloxels: Game Design & Coding

    Bloxels uniquely unlocks students’ innate creativity by leveraging something they love: video games. Students can play fun games and channel their creative potential as they gain greater understanding of important topics like design logic, and computer science and demonstrate their knowledge of history, science and mathematics and more through the games they create.

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  • Cubelets: Programming & Robotics

    Inspire a love of learning through play. Cubelets make it fast and easy to engage children as young as four in learning by building robots. There’s no wrong way to build with Cubelets, so it is remarkably easy to transform these blocks into brilliant bundles of robotic curiosity. Snap the robot blocks together and the magnetic faces do the rest. Every unique arrangement is a new robot with novel behaviors emerging from the construction.

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  • BreakoutEDU: Gaming & Problem-Solving

    Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for people of all ages. A Breakout is a physical game in which players have to use clues to solve a series of puzzles within a set time limit. Breakouts teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. Each kit comes with a collection of locks, hidden contraptions, timers, keys, and other “diversion hardware” that can be used to play different Breakout challenges.

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  • Ozobots: Coding & Robotics

    Ozobots are tiny robots that love colors and can be programmed by students to move, flash lights, dance and apply math and science concepts. Coding introduces critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method and algorithms. Use tablets or smart phones with touch and graphic interfaces to control the robots. Many lessons and activities are meant for markers and paper only, and some lessons that suggest the use of a tablet may be adapted for markers and paper.

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  • 3D Printers

    3D printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. Enable students of all ages to tackle real-world problems 3D printing solutions. Print models, designs, student projects, replicas of sculptures, and more in a range of sizes with printers that offer small, medium, and large build volumes.

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