• VVSD Community Resources

    For assistance connecting with the resources below or other family needs contact Kathy Batistich, VVSD Community Outreach Coordinator at 815-886-2700 x6068 / batistichkm@vvsd.org.

    District & School Website Translation

    Translate Button Our district and school websites have built-in translation capabilities, using Google Translate. Use this feature to automatically translate all of our webpage content into any one of multiple languages. To use, click the Translate icon in the top right corner of this website, then select your language.

  • Health and Wellness Resources

  • Care Solace

  • Teen Resource Guide

  • Child Care Resources

  • Community Resource Directory

  • COVID-Related Resources

  • Crisis Support

  • Food Resources

  • Housing Assistance Resources

  • Mental Health Resources

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  • Crisis Text Line

    • Text REACH to 741741

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    • Call 1-800-273-8255