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    Please scroll down to find links to the District Workspace, School Leadership Workspaces, and Teacher Workspaces.  If you receive an error, please make sure you are using the correct workspace. If you need further assistance please email us at data@vvsd.org. We are happy to help you.

     District Workspace

    Any district level administrator or coordinator.  This may include titles such as Certified Director, Assistant Director, Curriculum Coordinator, Student Services Administrator, Health Coordinator, etc. This workspace is best viewed on a larger screen when possible, set the zoom to 70%.

     School Leadership Workspaces

    Any school level administrator, teacher leader who serves on the BIT, or school level staff that needs access to building wide data due to the nature of their role.  This may include titles such as Principal, Assistant Principal, Building Secretary, Grade-Level Representative/Key Leader, Department Chair, Building Impact Team member, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, Speech/Language Pathologist, Special Education Case Manager, etc. This workspace is best viewed on a larger screen when possible, set the zoom to 70%.

     Teacher Workspaces

    Any Valley View educator except those that have school level access due to the nature of their role. 

      Please note

    Due to the complex nature of the DecisionEd Data warehouse product the Tech Dept. does not warranty the use of any device or browser.

    VVSD users should utilize their district issued Windows computer (laptop or desktop), utilizing the supported Chrome browser (Internet Explorer does work but is not recommended) with their appropriate District user name(s). 

    At this time, we do not recommend the use of a Chromebook or Tablet device, even if provided by the District. Nor do we recommend the use of a personal computing device as we are unable to control the browser / device settings of these devices.