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Emergency School Closing Information

If inclement winter weather prompts Valley View School District to close its schools and facilities, the District will notify families and staff via phone, text and email as soon as possible using Infinite Campus Messenger. Extreme weather is very unpredictable, and the decision to close schools is typically not able to be made until the morning of the event. VVSD will only send an Infinite Campus message if schools will be closed. Otherwise, the day will proceed as usual.

Valley View School District’s superintendent consults with a variety of resources — weather forecasts, neighboring superintendents and Districts, and VVSD’s Transportation and Buildings and Maintenance teams — to make an informed decision. The decision is based on many factors, including:

  • Safety of students and staff
  • Building and site conditions
  • Bus operations and local road conditions
  • Timing of the weather, in relation to safe arrival and departure
  • Air temperature and wind chill conditions

Notifications about changes in our school schedule will be sent directly to parents/guardians and District staff via Infinite Campus Messenger, and will also be posted on the District and school websites. In addition, the message will be posted on all District and school social media channels, and broadcast on most local TV and radio stations.

eLearning Plan
In the event of an emergency school closing, VVSD will implement an e-Learning day. All parents/guardians, students, and staff members will be notified in advance by VVSD district administration. Click this link to view Valley View School District's e-Learning Plan. For a quick refresher on eLearning expectations for students and parents, view these videos below by grade level:

Throughout the winter months pick up times may vary due to traffic conditions, road blocks, or icy streets. Please be patient and have your student ready to avoid more delays. Afternoon storms or heavy accumulations of snow may be cause for an early release schedule from school or cancellation of afternoon programs. Please make sure a parent/guardian is available to receive children when the bus arrives home early on these days. Students living in inaccessible areas or on steep hills may have to make arrangements to meet their bus at a different location; please speak to your driver for these changes. For additional information regarding bus routes, contact the Transportation Department at 815-886-6686.