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    Valley View Public School District uses Edline as an online information portal for our students and parents. Edline is a web-based application providing access to personalized information via a secure website and a private account for all middle and high school students and parents. Elementary school students and parents do not need an activation code, as no private student information is posted online for those students.
    Teachers have the ability to post daily or weekly grades directly from their classroom gradebooks to this online portal. Visit www.edline.net and log in to view student grades and reports (see below for login information).  
    Activating your Edline Account
    Middle and high school students and their parents each receive an activation code to set up their individual accounts. Once activated, their accounts will stay active from one year to the next. If a student changes buildings, due to promotion or family relocation within the district, the student and parent will need to activate new accounts. For new middle and high school enrollments, students will be provided activation codes and instructions at their school building. Parents will receive activation codes and instructions via mail from the district office. 
    Only one Edline parent account is created for each student. If you need your activation code, or have forgotten your password, call your child’s school. If you are a non-custodial parent or require 2 separate Edline accounts (one for each parent), please complete the online form found on this page: Edline Second Account Request Form.
    Reminder: we are only activating Edline accounts for the middle and high schools. Elementary school students and parents/guardians do not have Edline accounts at this time.
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