PowerPTC Parent Teacher Conferences
    Valley View School District uses a parent teacher conference scheduling website called PowerPTC. Parent teacher conferences offer great opportunities to communicate with your child's teacher. You will have a chance to discuss your child's strengths, discuss academic or social concerns, and share information about their development. Visit our school calendar for conference dates and times. Click the link above to visit our parent peacher conference website to schedule a conference with your child's teacher.
    PowerPTC aligns with Valley View School District’s Strategic Plan - Goal 4, Strategy 8 - building partnerships and connections with families that are aimed at improving student achievement. As well as Goal 5, Strategy 9 - providing R.A.I.S.S.E - Reliable, Accessible and Equitable Technology - More information about Valley View's Strategic Plan can be found at www.vvsd.org/StrategicPlan.

  • Family/Parent Instructions

    To Create Your Conference Schedule

    1. Click the following link to go to the PowerPTC website.
    2. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your account, using the Activation Code on your letter. If you did not receive a letter, please contact your school's front office.
    3. Click the Conference Schedule icon to schedule appointments.
    4. Select the date and a desired starting time for your appointments. To skip scheduling certain courses, uncheck the box under the Schedule column.
    5. Click Build Your Schedule Now to create your conference schedule.
    6. Click the Special Request icon to add requests for email, phone conference or translator.


    Parent Schedule View  


    To Schedule Appointments with Other Staff Members

    1. Click the Show Other Available Appointments button or scroll past the student’s classes.
    2. Click Not Scheduled next to the staff member with whom you would like to meet.
    3. Click Request Appointment for the time you desire to meet with that staff member.


    To Schedule Additional Students

    1. Select Change Student on the left.
    2. From the list presented in the center select a different student.
    3. Create a conference schedule for each student as described above.
    4. Conference times between students will not overlap.