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    Valley View Public School District uses Edline as an online information portal for our students and parents. Edline is a web-based application providing access to personalized information via a secure website and a private account for all middle and high school students and parents. Middle and high school parents and students are provided activation codes to access their private grades and attendance reports. Elementary school students and their parents are not provided personalized grade and attendance reports via Edline and therefore do not need an activation code to view content of school and class web pages.

    Edline also provides a web page for each class taught and gives teachers tools for posting content to the class web page, allowing for the easy creation of class specific content while providing secure web-portal services to parents and students pertaining to grades in progress.

    Each school’s Edline site is managed by the school’s Webmaster who creates accounts for support staff in their building. Student, teacher and parent Edline accounts are automatically created by nature of the class roster uploads done nightly from CIMS. Accounts remain active from one year to another, unless a change in building assignment occurs, such as promotion to 6th or 9th grade, or an in-district move to a new school.
  • Additional Edline accounts for non-custodial parents/guardians are provided upon request via the request form here: 2nd Edline Account Request Form.


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  • Second semester classes to Edline on Friday, 12/11 so that teachers can work with those Edline class pages prior to the start of second semester on January 4th. Beginning on Monday, 12/14, teachers will be able to find their second semester classes under the “My Content” > “Future Classes” area of Edline….

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