• Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

    We are looking forward to a great start to the 2017-2018 school year! Along with the rigorous academics provided to all students at Martinez Middle School, we support the social and emotional development of our learners as well.  Our Vision states: Staff, students, parents, and administration will demonstrate a growth mindset in supporting a culture where all students and staff feel safe to take risks, ask questions, and seek and accept feedback in the pursuit of knowledge. Teachers will provide clarity of instruction to enable all students to be aware of, take ownership of, and
    communicate the purpose of their learning.  We strongly believe that we must empower our students to know what they are learning, how they will be successful, and what their next steps are in their learning. This will help support their growth as individuals and provide them with the tools to become their own learners. This is called Visible Learning. We also provide tools for our learners to understand how to persist through challenges and we will be building students’ coping strategies to increase their level of resiliency. Our students are our top priority and we want them to be leading their learning in a safe and welcoming environment with the help and support of their teachers. We look forward to partnering with our families and community to continue to enhance the characteristics of visible learners in our students. For more characteristics and questions to ask your child, please scroll down to read “Are you a Visible Learner?”


    Ms. Sarah DeDonato & Mr. Bill Normand

    Principal & Assistant Principal 

    A. Vito Martinez Middle School

    R U V L

Viking Family Team