• Academic

    Book Club
    The Viking Book Club is more than just reading! We need talented students who are willing to sponsor several events throughout year. First the Rebecca Caudill Book Award program kicks off in the fall, ending with the voting party in February. Next is the Valley View School District Battle of the Books, usually in March. Currently AVM hold the district title! We also host an author visit each year which includes a luncheon. The Book club is also sponsors school dances and other activities. Do you like to write… *short stories? *poems? *comics? *song lyrics? Do you like to have… *the freedom to be creative? *a place to express yourself?

    Creative Writing Club

    Do you like to write… *short stories? *poems? *comics? *song lyrics? Do you like to have… *the freedom to be creative? *a place to express yourself?If you like to write creatively or just like to express yourself through writing, this is the club for you! 

    Homework Club
    Not ALL homework has to be done at home! If you are looking to get help on your homework or do not want to do your homework at home, come to ALL SCHOOL HOMEWORK CLUB!! 

    Intramural Sports

    Intramural sports take place both before and after school on assigned dates. The dates and activity type will be posted on the intramural board located in the gymnasi- um. Students who wish to participate in intramurals should check the board regularly throughout the year. There is no fee to participate in intramurals; any student is welcome to participate. Activities include soccer, softball, kickball, basketball, dodge ball, boingo ball, weight training, floor hockey, and football. The end of the intramural season is capped off with the Viking Olympic Day celebration which all students participate. Morning intramurals will start at 7:30 a.m. (no bus provided) and end at 8 a.m. Students who come for morning intramurals should only enter Door #14 near the gymnasium. Afterschool intramurals will occur from 2:45 p.m. until 4 p.m. and an activity bus is provided for bus riders.

    Literary Club 
    Students do not need to prepare anything for this club. They just show up and experience literature based activities. We read & discuss, reader’s theater, smart board, language arts games.

    Any student is able to participate in this club. We publish four editions of the Viking View throughout the year. Examples of things students work on include photos, fun pages, teacher interviews, sports page, art page, and articles of interestAre you interested in getting the inside scoop at AVM? If you like writing, reporting, interviewing, and publishing you should join the Viking View! 

    Viking Honor Society
    Viking Honor Society is for eighth graders only, but you can start working toward being inducted as soon as you start sixth grade. VHS is based on five qualities: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. In order to be considered for VHS, you must maintain a G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher throughout your middle school career, have no major discipline action, and complete a total of 50 service hours. VHS members assist in the school and the community through a food drive, clothing drive, and Candy-gram sales for Valentine’s day.

    Scholastic Bowl
    Scholastic Bowl is a fun, fast-paced academic competition for students. People who like Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, reading, and those who get joy out of increasing their knowledge often participate in this activity. In a match, two teams of five vie to answer the most questions quickly and correctly, using an electronic buzzer system. The questions cover a wide range of topics. 

    Student Council
    Our goal is to lead the student body. We promote community service, school leadership, academic success, and fun. We are the voice of the students.


    The school yearbook committee is open to all students interested in learning how to put together the events of the school year for a yearbook. Students will be expected to type well, be creative with layouts, and will learn how to use a computer based yearbook program.  Members of the yearbook committee meet weekly to design the school yearbook. Members are responsible for… *taking pictures of students, school events, sporting events, and activities. *coming up with a theme. *designing pages. *asking other students’ opinions on different topics. ***Yearbook is open to students from all grade levels, but students must apply to become a member of the committee. 


    Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
    A student-run organization that unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities.

    Ecology Club / Gardening Club
    The Ecology Club is for those who are interested in environmental issues. The club will meet a minimum of one Wednesday per month to plan ecology projects and to learn more about the science of the environment.  We recycle: All Paper Products, Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Juice Pouches, Elmer’s Glue Bottles and Sticks, Nabisco Cookie Wrappers, Chip bags, Printer/Toner Cartridges, Cell Phones, School Supplies, AND Books  We plant and maintain two native prairie gardens on the AVM school grounds  We raise money through ecologically friendly fundraisers We sponsor various projects like a Used Book Swap, Recycled Art Fair, All School Locker Cleanouts, cleanup our school grounds and local woods.

    Art Club 
    The Art Club is for students in all grades who enjoy painting, drawing, and doing crafts. If you like being creative, then Art Club is the club for you!  Art Club is a place where students who are interested in art can come together and hang out. You will have the opportunity to work on your own creations as well as complete projects influenced by the masters such as Matisse and Van Gogh.
    Band classes for 6th graders are part of the VVSD school curriculum. Students taking band will meet every day as part of their normal schedule. Beginning Band classes teach young musicians the fundamentals of playing their instrument, posture, rhythm, tone production, music theory, and dedication. Sixth Grade band students will give at least three performances throughout the year to showcase their talents. These students will only practice afterschool within a week before a performance.
    Viking Freinds Forever Club (VFF Club)
    This is a social club for students who like to have fun, want to try something new and meet new people. VFF Club meets one time per month after school. The following is a quote from a 6th grade student, “Every time is different from the last. We have great times, great food and great friends.”
    More info coming soon! 

    Drama Club
    All students have the opportunity to try out for the school play. Selected students are expected to attend practices.

    For Children Who Live In: Step-Families, Single Parent Homes, Changing Families. It Doesn’t Need to Hurt Forever - Rainbows helps you share your feelings and thoughts with other children you own age. Contact one of the counselors to see if this is right for you.



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