• A Message from Dr. Pascavage 
    Whoever you are, wherever you go, honor Bolingbrook.
    Honor the Raiders.
    I am elated to have the opportunity to welcome you and your child(ren) to Bolingbrook High School! It is my goal to establish and maintain a positive environment for the school and classroom communities. In order to provide an excellent education, I will approach each day with readiness and a positive attitude. I believe in challenging your child while implementing a 21st century curriculum second to no other school in our state. It will take collaboration and partnership of parents, educators, and caring adults to meet these expectations. I am committed to doing my personal best, opening doors for your child’s future, and pushing your child beyond their own expectations. In tandem with our district vision, it is my goal to cultivate a love for learning, provide a sense of responsibility in every student, and prepare all of our children for college and beyond.

    I believe every student has an endless capacity to learn and achieve both academically and personally. I will expect, and accept, nothing less from our students, parents, teachers, myself, and the community at large.

    I am committed to challenging students individually through the use of rigorous, research-based curricula and differentiated instruction.

    I am committed to establishing a common language of universal instructional expectations, aligned with research-based best practices. High quality instructional practices will be consistent in every classroom with the intention of promoting higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

    I am committed to providing consistent, common measures for gauging student progress.

    I believe accountability starts with accepting shared responsibility for our students’ social, emotional, and academic outcomes.
    I look forward to embarking on this journey with you and your child and welcome your involvement in our school community.

    With respect,
    Dr. Jason A. Pascavage
    Principal, Bolingbrook High School
    Email: pascavageja@vvsd.org
    Contact Number: 630-759-6400
    School Web: www.vvsd.org/bhs