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  • Valley View School District 365U curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and utilizes a variety of teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students. We strive to empower ALL learners to be college and career ready and to develop, grow, and achieve as productive citizens.


    Please visit our summer learning website.
    Please remember that your child is beginning to form lifelong habits. We encourage students to be on time every day. Please help promote good habits in your child by insisting that he/she arrives promptly every day in order for your child to be academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally successful.
    Students receive report cards at the end of each instructional unit. The report card will indicate how well the student is attaining the content required to master skills in line with the Common Core State Standards and/or the Illinois Learning Standards. Seniors are responsible for completing all graduation applications and credit checks, and for obtaining graduation information, purchasing caps and gowns, and attending all meetings concerning graduation.
    In order to participate in the high school graduation ceremony, ALL Valley View School District Students must meet ALL graduation requirements. 

    College Prep 
    The College & Career Readiness Department provides a variety of college and career planning services. Students are urged to discuss their college and career plans with their counselor.

    Student Assessment Testing
    The assessment (testing) program in the Valley View Schools is a coordinated plan for periodically monitoring the progress of students at multiple grade levels in a variety of subjects. Assessment is a critical element of the Illinois school improvement process.

    Parent Teacher Conferences
    It is a district initiative to keep parents informed of school events and their child’s progress. Parent‐teacher Conferences are vital tools in this process.
    Technology Standards for Students
    Our students are at the center of everything we do. As educators, our foremost goal is to prepare them for their future. These standards describe the skills and knowledge they need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital society. 

    Social-Emotional Learning Standards
    We strive to ensure we are educating the whole child and preparing our students for post-secondary success. This includes the inclusion of discussion and teaching of social-emotional skills, such as conflict-resolution, goal-setting, and self-regulation.