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    *MGySgt Couturier's Monthly RemarksSEPTEMBER 2021:

    The first month of school has already seen many activities and Cadets have been introduced to a myriad of subjects, after school activities and program curriculum topics.  By now all Cadets should have signed up for what after school activity they want to partricipate in.  This means they have spoke with their parents and adjusted their personal schedules to be able to attend practices.  NOT ALL CADETS HAVE SUBMITTED THEIR SPORTS PHYSICALS, WHICH IS A REQUIREMENT THAT WAS DUE FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER - Let's get these in ASAP!  

    Starting on 20 September, the first of four Promotion Cycles will begin.  These are the opportunities that you have to be promoted!  Take advantage of them by meeting or exceeding all the requirements/criteria for each rank.  The Cadet leadership is there to assist you in the entire process.  Remember, you have FOUR opporunities to be promoted at least TWICE per year.  You can only be promoted ONCE per Semester but I give you TWO opportunities to do so per semester.  Good Luck!

    Get in the habit of looking at SgtMaj Abanto and my School Wires, the MCJROTC Google Classroom site, and Instagram.  A lot going on and you must stay organized, build good habits and stay on top of things.  


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