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    *MGySgt Couturier's Monthly Remarks:  

    25 May 2020:

    -Uniform Turn in COMPLETE.  

    -Have a good summer.  Periodically check schoolwire to updates to SY20 and MCJROTC program.


    14 May 2020 Remarks:

    *We are back on track now.  Last day SHOULD be monday.  see you then.

    *You are allowed to park on the street where door 9 is.  Turn in only takes a minimal amount of time AS LONG AS YOU HAVE EVERYTHING!    PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A FACE MASK.  Wait at door 9 until I come out to get you...please do not be late! A completed cadet cannot let you in the bldg, only I am authorized to escort you in and out.  

    18 May – Seniors (8)                                                  0900 – 1100  (15 - 20 minutes per)

    19 May – Juniors (12)                                                  0900 – 1300 (15 - 20 minutes per)

    20 May – Sophomores  Day #1 (8)                               0900 – 1200 (15 - 20 minutes per)           

    21 May – Sophomores Day #2 (8)                                0900 – 1200 (15 - 20 minutes per)

    22 May – Freshmen Day #1 (11)                                  0900 – 1300 (15 - 20 minutes per)

    25 May – Freshmen Day #2 (10)                                  0900 – 1300 (15 - 20 minutes per)

    26 May – Make Up Day                                                0900 – 1100          


    -Each cadet will park outside of Door #9 while their parents wait in their vehicle. If a cadet is driving them self, they must also park in front of Door #9...all cadets/families will park ONLY on this street for turn in purposes.

    -Only one cadet at a time will enter Door #9 with all their uniform articles

    -Cadets are required to wear a mask at all times and there will be no handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps, etc.

    -Minimum of 6’ will be enforced

    -I will conduct a full inventory with each cadet and annotate in their Service Record Books they have returned all articles

    -Cadets will not be allowed to go anywhere else other than Rm 902 through Door #9

    -Once the cadet is complete, they will exit out Door #9 at which time the next cadet waiting in vehicle will enter

    - If you have multiple children in the program, I will schedule them on the same day so you do not have to make multiple runs to the school.

    -Returning Cadets must have their uniform articles COMPLETELY clean and dry. Have in an EXTRA large gym bag with your name clearly marked on it for proper storage. If the uniforms smell of smoke or foul odor or are damp, I will stop the inventory and they will need to reschedule on the one and only Make Up day.

    -If a cadet is not returning, they simply need to bring all uniform articles in a trash bag for full inventory.

    -If a cadet has borrowed the rubber band workout system or ankle weights, they must return them during their designated day and time.


    1 May 2020:  Due to the Covid-19 situation, all cadets interested in returning to JROTC for SY20 may do so through their counselors.  This includes any cadet that did not meet the advancement criteria set forth at the beginning of SY19.  Notify MGySgt Couturier if you are registering or not registering for next year so he can verify when the counselors ask.    

    6 April 2020:  RHS teacher's conducted a Zoom Webinar in preparation for rLearning starting tomorrow @ 0900.  Reminder that students must submit the rLearning google attendance form located on the RHS website on a Daily basis for attendance.  Once you submit this form by 0900, log into my Google Classroom (code:  zifk3ik).  Once in the MCJROTC Google Classroom, I can answer your questions and pass word/guidance.  The google classroom should be used in conjunction with my school wire website in order to reference all study guides, drill and physical fitness programs.  See you virtually tomorrow at 0900!  


    2 April 2020:  School will remain closed through 30 April.  rLearning will occur starting 8 April.  The rLearning JROTC Tracker will be modified so there is nothing that needs to be done with that for now.  


    1 April 2020:  I truly hope we all return safe and sound to finish out the school year.  The tenative date is still set for 8 April.  Due to the two extended days past sprinbreak, VVSD has mandated rLearning for all students.  The rLearning rubrics are all found on my school wire.  The rLearning credit form is located in my Announcements and as a seperate link under rLearning.  Ensure you fill out correctly and have your parents initial each day and sign.  Study and practice properly.  

    You and your parents should have received instructions from VVSD via Infinite Campus messaging on how to log into google classroom.  I will be taking attendance.  You have all the material that you will be graded on for Finals.  Any questions, email me.

    Hopefully, I'll see you soon!


    25 March 2020:  Upon our return for remainder of SY19 the following will be implemented - 

    -No more handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps when entering Rm 902

    -Cadets are now seated with an empty chair in between them (as much as possible)

    -Cadets will assemble into their respective platoon formations at double arms interval to increase distance btwn cadets.

    -Cadets will not shake hands while inspecting their squads

    -Cadets will not borrow anything from each other.

    -Instructors and Cadets will not be face to face (in closed distance from each other) during Uniform Inspections and for the I G.

    -Adjustments to the closeness of cadets during PT will be modified and briefed.


    22 March 2020:  This school year and the start of 2020 is one for the history books!  We have been off since friday the 13th of March due to Covid-19 mandatory shutdowns.  We were originally scheduled to return on 6 April but now it is 8 April at the earliest and at this point who really knows.  There isn't much to pass other than to stay safe, clean, take care of yourselves and your families. Here are the three main E-Learning subjects that I want to stress to each of you:

    1. Study your knowledge regarding all academic and program information!  All academic classes are on my study guide link.

    2. Practice your Drill both execution and commanding.  You should visualize and go through the motions of having a drill rifle in your hand while sounding off the commands.  Pretty much All of the maneuvers can be practiced in and around your home!

    3. Conduct Physical Fitness!  PT daily!  You will not always be motivated so you must be disciplined to do it daily!  There are many forms of physical fitness that you've been introduced to so incorporate and vary your routines. 

    *I will be developing a DAILY TRACKER for you to submit upon our return for a grade.  This tracker will be for all three E-Learning subjects and signed off by your parents.  More information to follow.   

    **FINAL EXAM has been CANCELLED for SY20. 



    I will continue to update my social media account and my schoolwire.

    Only 3 more months of school!  This time of the school year is when cadets must stay focused, disciplined and exude motivation to lead others.  Put in the work to finish strong!  Still have many important events remaining.  Cadets have been taught every Drill Maneuver, have conducted Uniform Inspections all year long, have conducted many forms of Physical Fitness, and have learned numerous academic classes.  Now its a matter of memorizing, practicing, and improving for all end of year evaluations.  

    *The FINAL promotion board sequence will begin 16 March in preparation for the 8 April in-class board.  This is vitally important for those cadets achieving the criteria for advancement outlined below:

    *Those cadets that have achieved the minimum cummulative GPA AND have been promoted at least Once this school year are eligible for registering to the next highest level cadet.  Below are the Advancement criteria:

    LE1      C- (1.7 end of year cummulative GPA) & been promoted at least once this year (4 opportunities per year)

    LE2      C (2.0 end of year cummulative GPA) & been promoted at least once this year (4 opportunities per year)

    LE3      C+ (2.3 end of year cummulative GPA) & been promoted at least once this year (4 opportunities per year)





    Monday - HAIRCUTS (Bi-weekly), Staff Mtg, S-Shops, Make Ups/Retakes & Individual drill practice / study time:  If you are part of the Staff (Plt Sgt & above) you are expected to attend all Staff Meetings and participate in S-Shops.  LE1s should participate in S-Shops to learn more about the inner-workings of the program.  S-Shops (S1, S3, S4) play a critical role in your JROTC career progression, promotions, awards.  Mondays are also a great time to ask for help in drill, study time, and taking care of any uniform issues.  I would like to see more Squad or Platoon level time - great team building time.  

    Tuesday - Air Rifle Team #1

    Wednesday -  Drill Team.  This encompasses the Color Guard.  All cadets participating in this program have been issued Dress Blues and we will now start our Color Guard commitments and prepare for upcoming competitions and cake cutting ceremony.  ALL Dress Blues will be kept at the school.

    Thursday - Air Rifle Team #2

    Friday - Physical Fitness Team.  You don't have to be an athlete to participate.  The focus is on improving and participation!  

    -Haircuts for $10.00 (cash only) are available by a professional military barber in Rm 902 every Tuesday after school unless otherwise scheduled.  This not only provides a service for cadets but is also a fundraiser.  If any of you know of siblings or friends interested in joining the program, they can get a haircut - let MGySgt C know first and sign them up!

    -All cadets interested in participating in any after school JROTC clubs must have a CURRENT sports physical and the proper Parent Form (bring to MGySgt C) and pay their club fees to the school.  Turn in asap!  All sports physicals expire 13 months from date of examination.

    -Daily homework:  Study for Quizzes, Study Knowledge, Practice Drill, Conduct PT, Always have your uniform prepared for inspection



    5 Sep:  Open House at RHS - Community Service Points - Sign up in Rm 902

    6 Sep:  Home Football Game Color Guard #1 - Community Service Pts for designated CG.  ALL Drill cadets try to be present to observe a football game CG

    9 Sep:  Carrillon Golf Links Veterans Outing Color Guard - Community Service Pts for designated senior cadets only

    15 Sep:  Founder's Day Parade Color Guard, Banner Carriers, Platoon Formation - Community Service Pts for all participants, sign up in Rm 902

    20 Sep:  Home Football Game Color Guard #2 - Community Service Pts for designated CG

    23 - 27 Sep:  Homecoming Week

    27 Sep:  Home Football Game Color Guard #3 - Community Service Pts for designated CG - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

    28 Sep:  Freeport Air Rifle Competition - $10.00 per cadet to compete in a CMP sanctioned competition!

    11 Oct:  SKYZONE Joliet for the PFT Team and all those who have paid

    18 Oct:  Home Football Game Color Guard #4 - Community Service Pts for designated CG

    23 Oct:  Early Release Day, ALL JROTC Club photo day, Promotion Board #1

    24 Oct:  1800 Almost Spartan Night - NOT a community service event

    26 Oct:  Michigan City Drill Competition - Must sign up with MGySgt ASAP for registration purposes

    28 Oct:  Cadet Staff Photo Day (Dress Blue Deltas with Ribbons & Badges)

    6 Nov:  244th USMC Cake Cutting Ceremony during school hours (Uniform Day)

    11 Nov:  Veterans Day Observance at Romeoville Memorial Park.  8 designated Color Guard Cadets and there is a sign up roster for those cadets who attend the ceremony in civilian clothes (2 Hrs of community service hours).  Must have own ride to and from. 

    16 Nov:  0800 - 1100 Portage Drill Comp. Practice, 1100 - 1400 Air Rifle Practice for Both Relays

    19 Nov:  Air Rifle Relay #1 National CMP Postal (must be in Rm 902 until 17:15)

    21 Nov:  Air Rifle Relay #2 National CMP Postal (must be in Rm 902 until 17:15)

    23 Nov: Air Rifle River Valley Open Competition

    26 Nov:  Cantigny Field Trip (Cammies, Gortex)

    30 Nov:  0900 - 1200 Portage Drill Comp. Practice

    2 Dec:  Promotion Board #2 after school

    3 Dec:  Parent Briefing for SY20

    5 December - Promotion Ceremony - invite your family!

    7 December - Portage Drill Competition

    9 - 11 December - FINALS:  Final Drill Evaluations Day #2, #3, #4

    Week of 9th - National CMP Postal Air Rifle Results

    12 - 13 December - FINALS:  Final PFT Day #1, #2

    16 - 17 December - FINALS:  Final Uniform Turn In Day #1, #2 (All Cadets must have uniform cleaned and completely dried.  Bring in EXTRA LARGE gym bag to store uniforms over the winter break.  Those not returning will conduct final turn in and close out their SRBs)

    18 - 20 December - FINALS:  Final Exams following the RHS Final Exam schedules

    20 December - After Finals: All cadets bring $3.00 and wear their Ugly X-Mas Sweater to the MCJROTC Social!



    7 - 21 Jan:  JROTC Dominoe's Fundraiser (opportunity for us to raise funds for the program!)

    16 Jan:  8th Grade Orientation Night

    23 Jan:  Parent/Cadet mtg for those interested in the Military and ASVAB info

    26 Jan:  Air Rifle Team - CMP 3P IL State Championships in Kankakee

    30 Jan:  Color Guard during school hours:  Mayors State of Village Address

    5 Feb:  Promotion Board #3 of 4 during class periods

    7 Feb:  1430 - Promotion Ceremony & Summer Camp Meeting

    7 Feb:  1700 Color Guard at JJL for Wrestling Tournament

    11 Feb:  RHS scheduled ASVAB testing

    13 & 14 Feb:  Parent Teacher Conferences

    22 Feb:  Region 1 Drill Sectionals at Purdue University

    8 Mar:  Air Rifle 3P Jr Olympic IL State Championships

    10 & 12 Mar:  Air Rifle Badge Qualifications

    13 Mar:  Skyzone Joliet, McDonalds afterwards

    19 Mar:  Air Rifle Team Party

    20 Mar:  Summer Camp Mtg #2

    27 Mar:  5-Event PFT Summative Test

    30 Mar - 3 Apr:  SPRINGBREAK but PFT teams must practice

    30 Mar:  PFT Practice

    1 Apr:  PFT Practice

    4 Apr:  Region 1 PFT Sectionals at Richwood's High School in Peoria, IL hosted by MCJROTC Richwoods

    6 Apr:  Sleeves UP

    8 Apr: FINAL Promotion Board #4 of 4 during class periods

    9 Apr:  Final Promotion Ceremony

    13 Apr:  INSPECTOR GENERAL (IG) - Internal field trip for all cadets

    23 Apr:  Those Who Excel Luncheon @ Bolingbrook Golf Course


    4 May:  Start of MCJROTC FINALS (Inspection, PFT, Drill, Uniform Turn In, Exam)

    XX May:  Top Ten Dinner Color Guard

    16 May:  Armed Forces Challenge in Pewaukee, WI 

    21 May:  AVM & JJL Graduation Color Guards

    22 May:  MCJROTC End of Year Social

    25 May:  Memorial Day Color Guard & Community Service

    31 May:  RHS Graduation Color Guard 

    XX Jul:  Spartan Summer Camp

    XX Aug:  MCJROTC Indoc Camp




    Nov 2019 - Shawn Davis took 3rd place in his division (488 / 600)

    CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM (CMP) National Postal Competition (Air Rifle)

    Dec 2019 - 47th (out of over 200 programs) placing for the top team of (Jewell, Newton, Davis, Gedzhova) (929 total score)

    Dec 2019 - Top RHS Shooter:  Jewell (189 / 300)

    Illinois State 3P Championships (Air Rifle)

    Jan 2020 - Top RHS Shooter:  Shawn Davis with a score of 484 / 600)

    Illinois State Jr. Olympics (Air Rifle)

    Mar 2020 - 

    Badge Qualifications (Air Rifle)

    Mar 2020 - COVID-19


    MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 26 OCTOBER 2019 (Drill Competition)

    Color Guard A, led by Cadet Chapman took 2nd Place Trophy

    Unarmed Drill Platoon, commanded by Cadet Newton took 2nd Place Trophy

    Unit Inspection led by Cadet Chapman took 1st Place Trophy

    Unarmed Knockout:  Chapman took 3rd Place, Gutierrez took 4th Place, Lee took 7th Place, Arenivas took 9th Place

    Armed Knockout:  Gedzhova took 7th Place

    PORTAGE, INDIANA 7 DECEMBER 2019 (Drill Competition)

    Unit Inspection lead by Cadet Ricardo Alfaro took 1st Place Trophy

    Unarmed Drill Platoon, commanded by Cadet Newton took 3rd Place Trophy

    Armed Drill Platoon led by Cadet Vidad took 3rd Place Trophy

    PURDUE UNIVERSITY, INDIANA 22 FEBRUARY 2020 (Drill Sectionals)


    Armed Drill Platoon A lead by Cadet Amelia Vidad took 3rd Place Trophy




    -Combat Fitness Test (CFT) (Aug - Oct)

    Both Male & Female standards are now the same:

    TOP PERFORMER:  LE2 Kamuda  (800m Run Time:  1:58 = 100, Ammo Can Lifts:  100 = 100, Manuever Under Fire Time:  0:54 = 100)

    Total score:  300 / 300

    -Physical Fitness Test (PFT #1 FINALS) - 1st Semester

    (Male) - LE2 Kamuda (1 Mile Run Time:  5:26 = 100, Pull Ups:  10 = 50, Sit Ups:  103 = 100.  Total Score = 250 / 300  

    (Female) - LE3 H. Davis (1 Mile Run Time:  7:15 = 94, Pull Ups:  2 = 20, Sit Ups:  95 = 95.  Total Score = 209 / 300

    -California Fitness Gram (Jan - Feb) (4 weeks)

    (Male) - (SY18) LE4 Boness - 60 Laps, 80 Curl Ups, 30 Push Ups (Highest Fitness Zone)

    (Female) - (SY18) LE2 H. Davis - 58 Laps, 56 Curl Ups, 20 Push Ups (Highest Fitness Zone)

     -5-Event PFT (Feb - Mar) (Same format as Sectionals & Nationals competition)



    Physical Fitness Test (PFT #2 FINALS) - 2nd Semester




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