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    *MGySgt Couturier's Monthly Remarks:  Welcome to Marine Corps JROTC for SY19!  The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of information and getting accustomed to protocols associated with the Military Leadership program.  Every year we deal with numerous student schedule changes that goes on for roughly two weeks.  Come end of August, all cadet schedules should be solidified, which allows our program to designate the Company's leadership.  Be patient, flexible, and adjust accordingly.  For the LE1s (first year of Leadership Education), it will seem overwhelming but with the help of more senior cadets you will adjust quickly.  As a new cadet, I expect you to be a SPONGE your first year.  JROTC is a yearlong commitment.  The best things you can do are to PARTICIPATE in the numerous activites after school with our program, practice/study/PT at home, ask questions and do your best.  By the end of the first week all cadets will have their Plt Cmdr & Plt Sgt's cell #s so if you have any questions, contact your cadet chain of command.  Keep in mind that in the next few weeks:

    -Males must get proper haircuts & Females must follow strict hair regulations.  Any piercings regulations for both male and female.

    -All cadets must demonstrate proper hygiene by clipping their nails, washing, brushing their teeth, etc. for Uniform Inspection days.

    -Haircuts for $10.00 (cash only) are available by a professional military barber in Rm 902 every Tuesday after school unless otherwise scheduled.

    -LE2 and above will be wearing their uniforms before LE1s to demonstrate proper wear and protocols.

    -All cadets interested in participating in any after school JROTC clubs must have a CURRENT sports physical (bring to MGySgt C) and pay their club fees to the school.  Look on my calendar for upcoming club meeting dates/times.  

    -All cadets should build good habits of eyeballing my Schoolwire and following my Instagram for JROTC information. 

    I look forward to getting to know each of the new cadets and meeting their parent/guardians during the Open House.  Again, welcome to MCJROTC.  Be motivated, build confidence, participate, practice, have a postive attitude/behavior, and have fun! 




    14 Aug:  First Day of School Year 2019

    5 Sep:  Open House at RHS

    6 Sep:  Home Football Game Color Guard #1

    9 Sep:  Carrillon Golf Links Veterans Outing Color Guard

    15 Sep:  Founder's Day Parade Color Guard, Banner 

                 Carriers, Platoon Formation

    20 Sep:  Home Football Game Color Guard #2

    23 - 27 Sep:  Homecoming Week

    27 Sep:  Home Football Game Color Guard #3



    -Combat Fitness Test (CFT) (Aug - Oct)

    (Male) - 

    (Female) - 

    -Physical Fitness Test (PFT #1) - 1st Sem.

    (Male) - 

    (Female) - 

    -California Fitness Gram (Jan - Feb) (4 weeks)

    (Male) - LE4 Boness - 60 Laps, 80 Curl Ups, 30 Push Ups (Highest Fitness Zone)

    (Female) - LE2 Davis - 58 Laps, 56 Curl Ups, 20 Push Ups (Highest Fitness Zone)



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