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Mr. Doug Darguzis

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My name is Doug Darguzis and I am the Social Studies Department Chair as well as a teacher of 3 sections of Standard U.S. History.  This is my 20th year of teaching and my 20th year at Romeoville High School.  Needless to say I have found a school that I have a passion for that has students that I want to see succeed in the classroom, the athletic field, in clubs and in future endeavors beyond Romeoville High School.  I coached basketball for 9 years and golf for 8 years at RHS.

I attended the University of St Francis in Joliet where I played 4 years of basketball.  The lessons learned from playing college sports were something I appreciate everyday.  Leadership, teamwork, learning from failure, and celebrating your successes are things that I bring into my classroom.  I went on to earn my Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University in River Forest. 

Social Studies teachers teach a subject that is "Googleable".  All the answers are at our students fingertips.  Therefore, I like to have a classroom that goes beyond Google.  I try to get my students to question everything.  Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?  Was Rosa Parks "tired" the day that she refused to give up her seat?  Why is the Korean War known as the "forgotten war"?  Throughout the year this will be done through research, high level discussion, reading, and writing.  Students tend to not appreciate history until they get older.  As a teacher I hope to show my students that there are many connections between the past and what is happening in today's world (relations with Russia, fluctuating economy, and unrest in many parts of the world).  I truly look forward to the upcoming year.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spening time with my family, watching the Cubs attempt to win another World Series, playing golf, cooking on the grill, and keeping up to date on things that can make my classroom better.  I look forward to having your son/daughter in class during the 2020/2021 school year